According to TMZ, rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas this weekend after a drug-sniffing dog uncovered marijuana on his tour bus. What…a shocker. I always thought Doggs-and dogs-were supposed to stick together. It also doesn't say much about this police department that they needed a dog to find weed on Snoop's bus. I'd think you could find it by simply walking on to Snoop's tour bus-or standing within 40 feet of Snoop's tour bus. I guess the head of the police department, Captain Obvious, was tied up elsewhere and couldn't do the search. I think we can all agree that rappers should just steer clear of Texas. In an interesting twist, Snoop was arrested in the same small town in West Texas where Willie Nelson was arrested last year.  That town will now officially be re-named "Buzzkill, Texas."