According to US Weekly, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will be "immortalized" as Barbie's pals in an upcoming limited-edition doll line. A source told the magazine that the dolls will "reflect the girls' measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits."  It's too easy for me to make a joke about what size doll house little girls will have to get to fit a Barbie with those measurements inside, let alone three of them, so I'm going to take the high road and not even go there. But saying they "may" wear Kardashian designs is pretty stupid.  Of course they will-those girls leave no penny, and no child sweat shop, unturned. Apparently Kim Kardashian already started talking about this new venture over Christmas via Twitter. She Tweeted "Merry Christmas Barbs!" to…well…Barbie. It's going to be kind of sad when someone has to break it to her that Barbie isn't real. However in the mean time, I have a feeling those two are enjoying some of the most intellectual exchanges Kim Kardashian has ever had.  Speaking of Kim's Twitter, she also Tweeted on December 31st that she painted her nails for New Year's Eve. That's a real F-U to her critics. Clearly…she's busy.