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I recently read that the very talented singer Adele's ex-boyfriend has repeatedly asked her for royalties from her first album. She made no secret that he broke her heart, and a handful of her songs are about him. Adele told The Sun that once her album became a success, he began to call her asking for some kind of "financial reward." Apparently he thought that being an a-hole to her meant he somehow contributed to her creative process. If he would have just realized how great she was in the first place, maybe he'd have a nice life with a successful singer right now. But I'm glad he screwed up, or I wouldn't get to practice my Richard Simmons work out to "Rolling in the Deep." She didn't give him a dime, of course, letting him know that he made her life "hell" and she deserves what she is now enjoying. What...a relief. If I had to start paying people back for the things I've said about them on my show, in my stand-up or in my books, I'd have to get a part time job at Chuy's taco truck.

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