Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris

Courtesy of Elayne Lodge

Holly Madison opened up to Life&Style about her feelings toward ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner's recent engagement. Apparently Holly is skeptical about Hef's fiancé Crystal's motives. 

I don't know why she can't just believe that a 24-year-old woman has fallen for an 84-year-old rich man, but not everyone is the optimist that I am.

Holly, 31, said that she thinks that Crystal is "…very young, too young to settle down." Obviously it made a lot more sense when Holly was dating Hef since they are only 53 years apart. 

Holly just wants what is best for Hef, and she worries about women who date him having "ulterior motives." She really put herself out there and decided to "check up" on this relationship herself. She put on a brave face and had an emotional conversation with the happy couple…which was filmed for season two of her reality series Holly's World.

This is the old "pot calling the Playmate a gold digger."

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