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Tom Hardy, Lindsay Lohan

Flynetonline.com; Amy Graves/WireImage.com

Inception star Tom Hardy is rumored to be Lindsay Lohan's new sober coach. Hardy's publicist confirmed to TMZ that Tom and Lindsay do know each other, have been friends in recovery and had dinner together, but that Tom is not her actual sponsor. Apparently he's just helping a sister out by giving her tips on how to stay sober and out of the big house. 

That guy is a cutie, so I'm relieved to hear that keeping Lindsay on the wagon isn't his responsibility. That's a big job for anybody, and it shouldn't be forced on some guy whose career is on an upswing. Lindsay needs someone who can be at her beck and call 24/7. She needs someone who is basically unemployed, doesn't have anybody who expects anything from them and pretty much coasts through life. She needs someone like Paris Hilton…or Chuy.