Sister Wives


Everyone's least favorite polygamist family from TLC's Sister Wives recently appeared on Oprah. They were basically doing a recap of the show, which aired its season finale over the weekend during which creepy husband Kody had a marriage ceremony to wife No. 4. The other three wives were a big part of the "wedding." They were pretty much her bridesmaids. They helped her plan and get ready, and even presented her with a "welcome to the club" ring and gift. The whole thing is pretty ridiculous because if you watch the show for 15 seconds you quickly decide that Kody isn't so much religious as he is a huge pervert. The fact that he's a redhead only confirms what I've always known about people born with that hair color. Kody's first wife, Meri, revealed to Oprah that when the series began airing, she lost her job as a mental health professional. That's the first thing I've heard about this series that I can get onboard with. The only thing a woman who lets her husband marry three other women, two of whom are four times the size of her, should be counseling people on is how to stifle humiliation and tears.

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