Kelly Ripa

Jerritt Clark/Getty images

It's pretty obvious that Kelly Ripa works out. She has arms like Madonna, and from what I've seen of her abs in summer bikini photos, she had a situation long before The Situation had a situation in which he could show off his situation. In fact, Chelsea Lately likes to call her Kelly Ripped-a. Kelly talked about working out on a recent episode of Live! With Regis and Kelly. Apparently she likes to go to a place called SoulCycle. She said that it's "essentially yoga, weights, pilates dancing all on a bike." I've never danced on a bike before, but it sounds like something that isn't great if you're interested in trying to have children. Ripa also said that there's "something sexy" about people working out in a group. Obviously I've been going to the wrong gym. The only words that have ever popped into my mind when I see any sort of group exercise situation are "loneliness" and "code blue."

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