Chelsea Handler

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According to Page Six, Bret Michaels' publicist, Joan Mignano, recently got engaged. Apparently she and her boyfriend were headed to Vegas for the superclassy Miss Universe pageant when the proposal went down. Her boyfriend had the Jet Blue pilot announce that Joan had "won a contest," then he got down on one knee in the aisle and popped the question. I hate people who think they have to make innocent bystanders a part of their lame proposals. The other people on the plane were just trying to get to Vegas, most likely to get away from their spouse. Nobody cares. Why can't you just ask her at home and let people fly in peace? I'd rather have a screaming baby sit behind me than some wimpy guy who thinks a flight to Vegas is a romantic place to start his new life. It's also good to know that the pilot was focused on the task at hand, which is keeping the f--king plane in the air. I liked Jet Blue better when they just had melodramatic flight attendants.

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