Charlie Sheen

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This whole Charlie Sheen story really has my goat gotten. Every few years, he does something really awful. Kelly Preston was "mysteriously" shot in the wrist when she dated him. A college student in the mid '90s claimed he beat her up because she wouldn't have sex with him. Sheen pleaded no contest to beating up ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland in 1997. And apparently it isn't that complicated with Denise Richards...He was probably going to kill her. Yet America loves a good pratfall, so here he is with a hit sitcom about a couple of guys and a kid, which is really just an ef you to the great minds behind 3 Men and a Baby. One less "man" and Steve Guttenberg would be showing Charlie Sheen who the boss is, and I'm not talking about Tony Danza. As for the women who continue to get into relationships with Charlie, maybe it's time to start rethinking your decision-making process. It's like buying O.J. Simpson a knife for his birthday: Use your thinking caps, ladies.