As the old saying says, "The heart wants what it wants." Our hearts want the best moments from this week's Burning Love.

Welcome to Burning Lines.

This week, it was heartbreak on top of another, much less significant heartbreak for Julie. It all started with a group date that involved going back to school...former contestant Annie's school, to be precise!

That revealed a lot about the contestants...mainly, that most of them auditioned to be on Annie's season, and those that didn't make it ended up here with Julie. So they were pretty psyched to meet Annie.

The only one who wasn't was Wally, but sadly he ate a delicious but deadly macademia nut cookie, and was carted off to the hospital. Most of the injuries were from being stabbed with normal pens rather than epi-pens though.

So alas, he was sent home. But Julie's real low point came when Blaze decided he needed to leave the show know...go collect his mail. It's complicated.

Julie was distraught, but Simon kinda cheered her up with a one-on-one date at the zoo. Kinda.


Here are our favorite lines from the week:

"The guys here have made me feel so special, and now I feel good enough...just good enough" –Julie
"Tell me she's Jewish. Tell me she's squeamish. Any kind of ish, I'm dying here" –Max
"Nate and I broke up. I won't say why. But I will say that he cheated on me. A lot" –Annie
"I feel like nuts continue to take away everything I love" –Wally
"I can't have a bunch of mail all over the place" –Blaze
"Blazewahohleelieheeoleehersohayeleewahtoomayhee" –Julie
"See all those animals at the zoo made me hungry. Man, those animals looked delicious" –Simon

And, of course: 

BL 203
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