Can Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif help Sharice?

On tonight's episode of Botched By Nature, the doctors meet with patient Sharice who has gigantomastia.

When the doctors examine Sharice in the clip above, Dr. Dubrow explains that the first thing that "stands out" to him is that her breasts are "incredibly uneven." While Sharice's left breast is 34 centimeters, her right breast is 40 centimeters.

Dr. Dubrow then explains that she needs a reduction, but her right boob is "an extraordinarily high-risk breast."

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 107


"Sharice really has all of the factors you don't wanna have when you're doing breast reduction and lift surgery," Dr. Dubrow says. "There ultimately may not be enough blood supply to keep her remaining breasts alive."

Watch the video above to see Dr. Dubrow talk about the risks involved with operating on Sharice and then tune in to Botched By Nature tonight to see if he's able to help her!

Season 3 of Botched returns with all-new episodes this spring!

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