• Chelsea Handler:

    Chelsea Handler:

    The “Real” Chelsea
    In real life, Chelsea Handler is a woman of seemingly endless talents. Not only has her role as host of "Chelsea Lately" earned her the title "Queen of Late Night," but Chelsea has also made a name for herself over the years as a popular stand-up comedian, a highly-respected actress, and even as a well-known author -- having had four books on The New York Times Bestsellers List, three of which held the #1 spot.

    The “After Lately” Chelsea
    On "After Lately," Chelsea is a woman who's endlessly at her wit's end. When her staff isn't busy testing her patience with their constant bickering, whining, and s#!t-stirring, she's usually keeping them on their toes by forcing them to survive various off-the-wall assignments and precarious situations. Chelsea's staff may not ever be certain of what the work day holds in store, but one thing's for sure -- if they insist on driving her crazy, she insists on taking them along for the ride.
  • Chuy Bravo:

    Chuy Bravo:

    The “Real” Chuy
    In real life, Chuy has worked as Chelsea Handler's beloved sidekick on "Chelsea Lately" for the better part of a decade. A true performer, Chuy can also be seen in numerous blockbuster films, including "Austin Powers 3: Goldmember" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." As if that wasn't enough to sell you on this pint-sized amigo's prowess, Chuy's work even extends beyond the screen, having published his first book in 2010 and regularly volunteering with his philanthropy group, the "Little Nugget Foundation."

    The “After Lately” Chuy
    Chuy is an unusual little man. When this cuddly mini-meatball isn't being forced against his will to play dress up for Chelsea's personal amusement, Chuy's usually stirring up some trouble of his own -- endlessly drawing the rest of the office into bizarre situations that are as confusing as they are disturbing. For such a tiny nugget, Chuy sure can cause some BIG problems.
  • Brad Wollack:

    Brad Wollack:

    The “Real” Brad
    In real-life, Brad has been a writer for 'Chelsea Lately' for the past 5.5 years. This past year he became "management" as he was promoted to Co-Executive Producer of the series. His comedic sensibilities and leadership skills garner a ton of respect from the rest of the writing staff... and even Chelsea. A devoted husband and father, Brad and his adorable wife, Shannon, have a 1.5 year-old son, Spencer.

    The “After Lately” Brad
    Brad is a neurotic, s**t-stirring, racially insensitive jerk. He is not well liked by the others and Chelsea finds him disgusting. Oh, and he is, apparently, only a semi-devoted husband and father. The only true similarity to his real persona is that he is Jewish... and borderline albino.
  • Chris Franjola:

    Chris Franjola:

    The “Real” Chris
    Hello. I am writing this as the real Chris Franjola -- the single 40-something Chris who lives alone in a sweet penthouse apartment in Los Angeles. I vacuum and change my bedding every three days -- I once had a housekeeper to do it, but he stole my jar of change and I had to let him go.

    The “After Lately” Chris
    “After Lately” Chris Franjola wears oversized Target T-shirts because most of the “After Lately” wardrobe budget is spent on Jen, Sarah, and shoes for Heather. Other than that, he is pretty close to the real Chris Franjola.
  • Jen Kirkman:

    Jen Kirkman:

    The “Real” Jen
    Jen Kirkman is a stand-up comedian, writer on “Chelsea Lately,” and author of the book, “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself; Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids.” Jen is happily divorced and makes it clear that she’s “divorced,” not single. There’s a difference. Jen is a neat freak and, contrary to popular belief, is not a goth just because she’s a pale brunette. She looks young for her age and expects daily compliments. She never doesn’t have a coffee in her hand or fresh cut flowers on her desk.

    The “After Lately” Jen
    Jen Kirkman is a writer on Chelsea Lately and her default mood is angry. She’s mad because she can’t get a word in edgewise surrounded by her narcissistic co-workers. Jen does smile when she’s getting to make fun of Jiffy with her office-mate Chris or roll her eyes at Heather. She wears a lot of jackets indoors and impractical skull rings. Jen would love to have a coffee in her hand but because of some props department union or product placement copyright problems – she can’t on camera. And she’s tired.
  • Heather McDonald:

    Heather McDonald:

    The “Real” Heather
    The real Heather has been happily married for 12 years and has two sons and a step daughter. Besides touring the country as a stand-up comic, she has been writing and performing on Chelsea Lately for the past 5 ½ years. She wrote The NY Times Best Seller “You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again” and her much anticipated second book “My Inappropriate Life” will be released Feb. 5, 2013. She wrote and had roles in the Wayans Brothers films “White Chicks” and “Dance Flick “and has guest starred on “Reno 911,” “Frasier,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “Drake and Josh.” Heather is best known for her celebrity impressions.

    The “After Lately” Heather
    The “After Lately” Heather is the only mother on staff but somehow still manages to stay a svelte size 4. She is a practicing Catholic who is certain she will be going to heaven. She loves buttery Chardonnay, especially when it is paired with a cute dress above the knee. She enjoys drinking cocktails and going to fun dinners with her coworkers, but is rarely invited. At work, her favorite thing to do is cry and coerce those around her to massage and crack her back.
  • Sarah Colonna:

    Sarah Colonna:

    The “Real” Sarah
    The real Sarah Colonna works full time on “Chelsea Lately,” “After Lately,” and tours several weekends throughout the year doing stand-up at comedy clubs across the United States. Her most recent relationship lasted over 5 years and ended about a year ago after several efforts of trying to make it work, including the leap of faith of moving in together. Since then she’s dated here and there but is mostly focused on her career. Her first book came out last year and debuted at number 5 on The New York Times Best Seller List. She works hard at what she does and finds it constantly interrupting her personal life and sleep. She does enjoy vodka on the weekends.

    The “After Lately” Sarah
    Sarah is a full time writer and drinker. She has a lot of sex with a lot of men and is rarely concerned about seeing the most recent guy she hooked up with ever again. She enjoys vodka on a regular basis but somehow makes it to work on time, rendering her a functional alcoholic.
  • Jeff

    Jeff "Jiffy" Wild:

    The “Real” Jiffy
    Jeff Wild, AKA “Jiffy,” has been working at “Chelsea Lately” since the very first show. He started as the Art Director, but Chelsea moved him to Assistant Writer, and now he’s a full-time writer and regular cast member on the show. Jiffy feels extremely happy at work and feels like a valuable part of the staff. He’s happily married to his high school sweetheart, and they have a 3 year-old son together.

    The “After Lately” Jiffy
    The “Jiffy” on After Lately somehow never progressed past his position as the Writers’ Assistant. He gets little to no respect. Left out of parties. Made fun of. Overlooked. He’s poorer than everyone else… and every time he attempts to fit in or tell a joke, he’s met with blank stares, disapproval, and the sobering reality that he’s not funny and will never amount to anything.
  • Fortune Feimster:

    Fortune Feimster:

    The “Real” Fortune
    Fortune Feimster is an adorable lesbian lady that originally hails from North Carolina. After several failed attempts at being a supermodel in Los Angeles, she settled on comedy. She made her national TV debut on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," and when not writing full-time for "Chelsea Lately," she travels the country doing stand-up. Fortune is also an accomplished sketch comedian and improviser and is an alumn of the prestigious Groundlings Sunday Company. She most recently upped her baller status by selling a sitcom to ABC. However, her biggest claim to fame is that she looks like the entire Honey Boo Boo family (not by choice).

    The “After Lately” Fortune
    The Fortune on "After Lately" is not that much different than who she is in real life. She just dresses better and wears more makeup because someone else is in charge of it. The biggest difference is that she's a bit quieter on the show because between Brad's yelling and Heather's three page monologues, it's hard to get a word in edgewise.
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