unting, since we can't edit's code. * Don't remove the id attribute from the script tag above. We want the isNielsenFound * search below to skip over the contents of this tag. Otherwise, it will try to match * the search key with what's in this script block. */ if ((typeof(eonline) !== 'undefined') && (typeof(eonline.nielsen) !== 'undefined')) { jQuery(document).ready(function($){ /* EOL: JS will load the contents of this script block into memory. As we grab a copy of the body tag from the DOM, * we have to wipe the DOM's "no-search-block" contents out, so that the indexOf (string search) function won't flag the search key as a match. * The key to this coolness, is that the JS RAM "no-search-block" is still resident in memory & still executing! * So these instructions aren't "deleted", but are still processed. Net Effect: A no-search-block has been created, that is contained inside of * the document.body tag, which can search for & detect a 3rd-party JS loaded -> JS loaded -> document.write('injected string'); */ setTimeout(function() { var objNoSearchBlock = $("#no-search-block"); objNoSearchBlock.html(""); // EOL: Now using the code that's still in memory, we can run this search: var strDom = document.body.innerHTML; var isNielsenFound = ((strDom.indexOf('ci=us-505504h&cg=0&') > -1) || (strDom.indexOf('ci=us-505504h&cg=0&') > -1) || (strDom.indexOf('ci%3Dus-505504h%26cg%3D0%26') > -1)); // Btw... We're looking for this: "ci=us-505504h&cg=0&" to make sure that we're not matching on "&cg=012345" or "&cg=event". // EOL: If not found, then makes the Nielsen SE blank pixel image tracking call: var useDebug = (location.href.indexOf('debug=Nielsen') > -1); if (!isNielsenFound) { if (typeof(eonline.nielsen.fbl) !== 'undefined') { eonline.nielsen.fbl("'s Nielsen Tracking Code Not Found - Calling's nielsenStandardEvent() function.", useDebug); } if (typeof(eonline.nielsen.standardEvent) !== 'undefined') { eonline.nielsen.standardEvent('us', useDebug); } } else { if (typeof(eonline.nielsen.fbl) !== 'undefined') { eonline.nielsen.fbl("'s Nielsen Tracking Code Detected - Skipping's Nielsen SE call to avoid double counting.", useDebug); } } if (typeof(eraseCookie) !== 'undefined') { eraseCookie('useNielsenDebugger'); } if (('photos' === 'photos') && ('gallery' === 'gallery') && (useDebug) && (typeof(createCookie) !== 'undefined')) { createCookie('useNielsenDebugger', useDebug, 1); } },500); }); }