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  1. Sophia Grace, Rosie

    Sophia Grace and Rosie Are Back Together During Valentine's Day Surprise

  2. Shay Mitchell, YouTube

    Shay Mitchell Runs Naked Down Sunset Boulevard to Celebrate YouTube Milestone

  3. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul Returns to YouTube After "Suicide Forest" Video Scandal

  4. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul Gives First Interview Since Suicide Forest Video Backlash: "I Am a Good Guy Who Made a Bad Decision"

  5. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul Releases Suicide Prevention Video After ''Suicide Forest'' Controversy

  6. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul Addresses Public Backlash: ''Everyone Deserves Second Chances, Bro''

  7. Shane Dawson

    YouTuber Shane Dawson Apologizes for "Really S---ty" Jokes About Pedophilia

  8. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul's YouTube Channel Removed From Google Preferred After "Suicide Forest" Video

  9. Logan Paul, YouTube, Japan

    Logan Paul's Whole Trip to Japan Was Pretty Disrespectful

  10. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul "Taking Time to Reflect" Following "Suicide Forest" Video

  11. Logan Paul

    YouTube Star Logan Paul "Ashamed" of Himself for Posting ''Suicide Forest'' Video

  12. Logan Paul

    YouTube Star Logan Paul Apologizes After Posting Video Filmed in "Japanese Suicide Forest"

  13. Kim Kardashian, WWD

    North West Wants to Make YouTube Tutorials, but Kanye West Says No

  14. Tiffany Haddish, Method

    Tiffany Haddish Fights Dirty in Hilarious PSA About Hand Washing

  15. Kristen Bell, Frozen Parody

    Kristen Bell Stars in R-Rated Frozen Parody

  16. Corey Feldman

    Corey Feldman Announces Plan to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring With $10 Million Film

  17. YouTube Stars, Todrick Hall, Miranda Sings, Tyler Oakley, Abbi Jacobson & llana Glazer, Issa Rae

    When YouTubers Leave the Nest: Tracking the Success of the Internet's Biggest Stars

  18. Sophia Grace

    Sophia Grace Is All Grown Up—and Her Music Is Too

  19. Devin Lima

    LFO Singer Devin Lima Undergoes Surgery After Finding Massive Tumor

  20. Ben Affleck, Anne-Marie Losique

    TV Host Anne-Marie Losique Defends Ben Affleck After Controversial Video Resurfaces

  21. Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe

    Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" Viewed 1 Billion Times on YouTube

  22. Taylor Swift

    Here's How Taylor Swift Transformed Into a Zombie for Her "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video

  23. PewDiePie

    YouTuber PewDiePie Faces Backlash After Saying the N-Word During a Livestream

  24. Ralph Macchio, William Zabka

    Karate Kid TV Series, Cobra Kai, Reuniting Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

  25. Zendaya

    Watch Zendaya Cringe as She Critiques Her Old YouTube Videos

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