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  1. Pokemon Go, Screenshot

    Someone Made a Cover of the Original Pokémon Theme Song and It's Actually Amazing

  2. Pokemon GO

    This Pokémon Go Gamer Just Became the First to Catch 'Em All and Our Minds Are Blown

  3. Pokemon Go, Screenshot

    A Harry Potter Version of Pokémon Go Might Be Happening: Here Are More Mashups We're Dying to Play

  4. Nintendo NES

    Nostalgia Alert! Nintendo Is Bringing Back the Old School NES

  5. Pokemon Go, Screenshot

    Now You Can Hire Someone to Play Pokémon Go for You

  6. Pokemon Go, Screenshot

    Finally! Make Your Internet Pokemon-Free With This Handy Hack

  7. Oregon Trail

    Now That Pokémon Has Returned, Here Are 10 More Games We'd Like to See Make a Comeback

  8. Julie Klausner, Billy Eichner

    Billy Eichner Asks the Important Question: "Is There Any Difference Between Pokémon Go and Grindr?"

  9. Pokémon Go, Pikachu

    While You Track Pokémon, Pokémon Go Tracks You: Inside the Game's Backlash

  10. Kim Kardashian, Forbes Magazine

    Kim Kardashian Makes Her Dad Proud With $45 Million Mobile Game Fortune: "Not Bad for a Girl With No Talent"

  11. Pokémon Go, Pikachu

    Here's Why the Internet Won't Stop Talking About Pokémon Go—and Why It's So Dangerous

  12. Pokemon GO

    People Are Catching Pokémon From Pokémon Go in the Most Awkward Places

  13. Mario Kart 8

    Nintendo Boss Finally Confirms the Absolute Worst Item in Mario Kart

  14. Mario, Nintendo

    Gamers Rejoice! Some of Your Favorite Super Nintendo Games Are Now Available on the New Nintendo 3DS

  15. Mario, Nintendo

    Here's Why You Might Want to Pre-Register for Nintendo's Very First Mobile App

  16. Chris Hemsworth

    How in the Hell Is It Possible That Chris Hemsworth Is Still Super Hot in LEGO Form?!

  17. Lara Croft, Bikini Girl, Jade,

    Lara Croft & Other Female Video Game Stars Get Body Makeovers From Eating Disorder Treatments Site—See Pics

  18. FIFA Cover, Alex Morgan

    Alex Morgan FTW: The Cover of FIFA 16 Will Feature Female Soccer Players for the First Time Ever

  19. Jamie Lee Curtis, Twitter

    Jamie Lee Curtis Went Incognito at Evo 2015 by Dressing as Vega From Street Fighter!

  20. Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan

    There's a Mean Girls Video Game Coming and We Have a Lot of Requirements

  21. Alex Morgan, FIFA '16

    FIFA 16 Will Feature Women Soccer Stars for the First Time and That's Making Simple-Minded Men Angry

  22. Pac-Man

    Happy Birthday, Pac-Man! Video Game Turns 35

  23. Nintendo logo

    Nintendo Just Hired Possibly the Worst Person Ever for a High-Ranking Position

  24. Jurassic World Trailer, LEGO, Chris Pratt

    LEGO Chris Pratt Is Strangely Attractive in New Trailer for the LEGO Jurassic World Video Game

  25. Super Mario

    Someone Remade Super Mario 64 in HD and the Results Are Simply Beautiful

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