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    2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: The Sure Things, the Wildcards and Our Dream Picks

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    The Pretty Little Liars Returns Begin, But Not Everyone's Here to Help

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    8 Reasons You Should Watch Difficult People—Listen to Celebrities, Won't You?

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    Scream Queens Scoop: Who's Getting Naked With John Stamos in Season 2?

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    The Flash Season 3 First Look: Keiynan Lonsdale Finally Makes His Debut as Kid Flash (and Looks Epic!)

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    Billy Eichner Asks the Important Question: "Is There Any Difference Between Pokémon Go and Grindr?"

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    The Bachelorette Really Had a Thing for Horses and Heartbreak This Week

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    Of Casseroles & Men: Vicki and Tamra Finally Have a Real Housewives of Orange County Sit Down

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    USA Delays Shooter Premiere After Dallas Sniper Attack

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    Jennifer Esposito Is Your Newest NCIS Agent in Season 14

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    Did Real Housewives of New Jersey's Siggy Flicker Just Have the Best Introduction in Franchise History?

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    2016 Emmys Dream Nominations: 29 Underdogs We're Rooting For

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    Whoopi Goldberg Will Continue to "Annoy Some, Delight Others" on The View Through 2017

  17. Difficult People, Julie Klausner, Billy Eichner

    Please Continue to Compare Julie Klausner's Difficult People to Curb Your Enthusiasm—Really, She Likes It

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    Melissa McCarthy Has "Written" More Episodes of Gilmore Girls and The Description of Them Is Great

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    Outlander Season 3: What Fans Can Expect to See for Claire and Jamie

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    Teresa Giudice's Daughters Were the Real Stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Premiere

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    Outlander's Beautiful Finale Just Changed the Show Forever

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    Amber Rose's Talk Show Debuts: Host Talks Sex, Small Penises & Taylor Swift

Ramona Singer, Watch What Happens Live