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    The Walking Dead's Merritt Wever Opens Up About Denise's Big Day Out and That Heartbreaking Twist

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    Norman Reedus Battles The Walking Dead...On Hoverboards

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    Richonne Isn't Alone—13 Other TV Couples Who Went From Friends to Lovers

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    Jesus Speaks! The Walking Dead's Tom Payne Talks His Big Arrival and Surprising Connection to Andrew Lincoln

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    The Walking Dead's Richonne Twist Isn't a Fluke, It's Here to Stay

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    The Walking Dead Shocker: Two Characters Just Hooked Up and We Never Saw It Coming

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    Norman Reedus Reveals Secret to His Enormous Biceps On the Cover of Men's Fitness

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    Why Your Favorite The Walking Dead Character May Be in Grave Danger

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    No Daryl Dixon?! The Walking Dead's 16 Biggest Changes from Comics to TV

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    The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere's First 4 Minutes Are Insanely Tense Thanks to...Negan

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    Alicia Witt Joins The Walking Dead As Robert Kirkman Warns "People Gotsta Die"

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    The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Reveals the Moment That Made Her Want to Quit

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    Norman Reedus Reveals Rihanna Is His Heaven When The Walking Dead Takes Over Inside the Actors Studio

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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says Negan on The Walking Dead Is a "Game Changer"—But What About The Good Wife?