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    The Sopranos Turns 15! See Where the Cast Is Now

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    James Gandolfini Gets New Jersey Street Named After Him—See Which Sopranos Stars Attended the Dedication

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    Jamie-Lynn Sigler Looks Slim During Post-Baby Workout—See the Pic!

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    James Gandolfini Emmys Tribute: Edie Falco Remembers Late Sopranos Costar

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    Edie Falco Surfaces in NYC After James Gandolfini's Death

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    Bada Bing Strip Club, Sopranos Finale Restaurant Offer Up Shrines to James Gandolfini

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    RIP James Gandolfini: Tony Soprano's Best Lines

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    James Gandolfini: Sopranos Costars Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert IIer Remember Their TV Dad

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    James Gandolfini Flashback: Watch Sopranos Star Discuss His Iconic Role

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    Brad Pitt Remembers "Gentle Soul" James Gandolfini After Actor's Sudden Death

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    John Travolta: James Gandolfini Stayed by My Side When My Son Died

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    James Gandolfini Remembered by Edie Falco and Sopranos Costars for His Talent and Kindness

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    New Details on James Gandolfini's Death: Teenage Son Found Father Collapsed, Medics Tried to Resuscitate Star

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    James Gandolfini: New Jersey Politicians Pay Tribute to Beloved State Son

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    James Gandolfini Dies, Restaurant Where Sopranos Shot Iconic Finale "Packed" With Fans

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    James Gandolfini on The Sopranos: His Top 5 Tony Moments

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    James Gandolfini Dies: Sopranos Creator David Chase Remembers "Genius" Actor

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    James Gandolfini Dead at 51, Actor Won Three Emmys for The Sopranos

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    James Gandolfini Death: Sopranos Actor's 5 Most Memorable Roles

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    Best TV Show Ever? The Writers Guild Names 101 Top Series of All Time—Did Your Favorite Make the List?

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