1. Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger's Dad Shares Diary Actor Wrote While Filming The Dark Knight—Watch Now

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    Call of Duty Bigger Than Breaking Dawn: How CoD's $500 Million Compares With Pop Culture's Biggest Hits

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    Whitney Houston and 17 More Stars Who Died Before Their Movies Debuted

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    Was Dark Knight Rises Destined to Be in Dark Knight's Shadow?

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    Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes Charged With 142 Counts

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    Batman vs. Superman: Has Man of Steel Been Tainted by Dark Knight Rises Tragedy?

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    The Dark Knight Rises Tragedy and the Box-Office Weekend That Wasn't

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    Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Hazards Removed From Suspect's Apartment

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    Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Will the Aurora Massacre Forever Mar the Batman Legacy?

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  10. Dark Knight Shooting, Century 16

    Latest Dark Knight Rises Fallout: Movie Ads Yanked, Costumes Banned After Colorado Shooting

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    Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Can Violent Entertainment Be Blamed?

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    Gangster Squad Trailer Yanked From Internet, Dark Knight Rises Following Colorado Shooting

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    Live From E! Addresses The Dark Knight Rises Tragedy

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    Batbrained? Debunking Dark Knight Rises Bane-Bain Conspiracy Theory

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    The Dark Knight Rises: Bruce Wayne Dressed by Giorgio Armani

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    Batmobiles Rev Up Comic-Con 2012

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    Batman Through the Years: Our Favorite Caped Crusaders

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    Anne Hathaway Kicks Major Butt in New Dark Knight Rises TV Spot

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    2012 MTV Movie Awards: The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn Part 1 Steal the Spotlight!

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    The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight: Batman's Going Down!

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    The Avengers Made $1 Billion, So Will Batman and Superman Do a Justice League Movie Now?

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