1. Rachel Frederickson, Biggest Loser

    Celebrity Nutritionist on Biggest Loser's Rachel Frederickson Weight Loss Transformation:"It's a Little Scary"

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  2. Rachel Frederickson, Biggest Loser

    Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Thanks Fans Amid Weight-Loss Controversy, Show's Ratings Hit a High

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    The Biggest Loser Controversy: 105-Pound Winner Insists She Feels "Amazing," Reveals Diet and Fitness Plans

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    The Biggest Loser Finale: Find Out Who Won Season 15!

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    The Biggest Loser Conspiracy: Ruben Studdard Insists He Was Brought Back Due to "Fairness Issues"

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    Why The Biggest Loser Is Dying to Get More Celebrities Like Ruben Studdard

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    The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Comes Out as Gay to Inspire Contestant

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    5 Biggest Stories of the Week: Kim Kardashian Shares North West Pics, Selena Gomez Filmed in Bed

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    The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels Hints Rules Scandal Was Ploy to Bring Back Ruben Studdard—Find Out Who Disagrees

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    The Biggest Loser Shocker: Jillian Michaels Caught Breaking the Rules, Ruben Studdard to Return

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    Ruben Studdard Eliminated From The Biggest Loser

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    Ruben Studdard Talks About Being a Biggest Loser Contestant: No Pig-Out Session!

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    Ruben Studdard Joins The Biggest Loser

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    Biggest Loser Stars Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson Break Up Prior to Baby's Birth

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    Biggest Loser Winner Danni Allen Talks Weight Loss and Muscle Gain—Watch Now!

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