1. Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey, the Movie? Check Out Five Films That Were Better Than the Books

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    Avengers Sequel: Is Scarlett Johansson Banking a $20 Million Payday? Not So Fast...

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    Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb Talks Avengers, Sequels and Supervillains!

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    Blasted Iceberg! Why The Avengers Won't Be Able to Take Down Titanic

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  5. Avengers

    The Avengers Joins Hollywood's Exclusive $600 Million Club

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    Hot Summer Awards! Which Blockbuster Is Most Mantastic?

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    Will Batman, Superman and the Justice League Movie Be Able to Dethrone The Avengers?

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  8. Avengers

    Does The Avengers Have What Oscar Voters Like in a Comic-Book Movie (Especially When Oscar Voters Don't Like Comic-Book Movies)?

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  9. Avengers

    The Avengers Going to Outer Space!

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  10. The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises

    The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight: Batman's Going Down!

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  11. Men In Black 3

    Men in Black 3 Beats The Avengers, but Did Will Smith Sequel Lose to History?

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  12. Avengers

    Which Summer Movie Can Defeat the Mighty Avengers?

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    2012 Summer Movies: Handy Dandy Field Guide!

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  14. Battleship, The Avengers, What to Expect When Expecting

    The Avengers Sinks Battleship, Deflates What to Expect When You're Expecting, Makes More History

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  15. Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 2

    Big-Screen Spoilers! What's Up With Avengers 2, Iron Man 3 and Thor Going Rom-Com?!

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  16. Hunger Games, The Avengers

    The Avengers Is 2012's New No. 1—Sorry, Hunger Games

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  17. Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Jr. Could Make How Much for The Avengers?!

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  18. THE VIEW, President Barack Obama

    President Obama's Knowledge of The Avengers, Kim Kardashian and Fifty Shades of Grey Put to the Test

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  19. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlotte Grace Prinze

    New Ask Ted Video! Bring Back Buffy Already!

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    Does The Avengers Have a Shot at Avatar?

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  21. Dark Shadows, The Avengers

    The Avengers Assembles $1 Billion at Box Office, Overshadows Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows

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  22. Avengers

    The Avengers 2: Five Things We Think We Already Know About the Blockbuster Sequel

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  23. Avengers

    Avengers Sequel Is Ready for Action!

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    The Avengers Came to the Rescue of Which Flailing Flick?

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    Does Dark Knight Rises Have Any Chance of Toppling The Avengers' $200 Million Blowout?

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