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  1. The Amazing Race, Tyler Oakley

    The Amazing Race Premiere Gets Explosive in Mexico City

  2. Kelsey Gerckens, Joey Buttitta

    The Amazing Race Winners Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta Get Engaged and It's All Caught on Tape

  3. Tyler Oakley, Kids Choice Awards 2014

    Tyler Oakley Is Doing The Amazing Race! Find Out This Season's Cool Twist, and Who His Partner Is

  4. Jeff Probst, Survivor

    Get Ready for Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance and The Amazing Race 27 With Their New Opening Credits!

  5. The Amazing Race, Harley Rodriguez, Jonathan Knight

    How New Kids on the Block Reacted to Jonathan Knight and Boyfriend Joining The Amazing Race

  6. The Amazing Race

    The Amazing Race's Romantic New Season's Cast Includes New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight!

  7. Jeff Schroeder, Twitter

    Big Brother and The Amazing Race Fan Favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Are Engaged—All the Details!

  8. The Amazing Race

    The Amazing Race Winners Revealed: Did the Right Team Take Home the Prize?

  9. The Amazing Race, All Stars Cast

    The Amazing Race Season 24: Find Out Which All-Star Was Eliminated Before the Race Began!

  10. The Amazing Race, All Stars Cast

    The Amazing Race Season 24 Premiere Sneak Peek: Returning All-Stars Brendon And Rachel Are Flipping Out Already!

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