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  1. Survivor

    Survivor: Ghost Island Finally Merged in Its Most Exciting Episode Yet

  2. Survivor

    Survivor: Ghost Island Premiere Goes Wild With Idols As Usual...But Spookier This Time

  3. Jenna Morasca, Survivor: The Amazon

    Survivor's Jenna Morasca Arrested for DUI After Allegedly Biting Cop

  4. Survivor

    Survivor Season 36 Castaways Revealed: Meet the Ghost Island Contestants

  5. Survivor

    Survivor Season 35 Names a Winner After One Final Twist

  6. Survivor premiere

    Survivor Season 35 Premiere: The Pants Are Already Coming Off

  7. Survivor Season 35

    Survivor Season 35 Is a Showdown Between Heroes, Healers & Hustlers: Meet the Castaways

  8. Jeff Varner, Zeke Smith, Survivor

    Survivor: Game Changers Finale Addresses Jeff Varner Outing Zeke Smith

  9. Survivor Game Changers, Season 34

    Who Won Survivor: Game Changers?

  10. Zeke Smith

    Zeke Smith Talks About His "Work in Progress" Relationship With Survivor Co-Star Jeff Varner

  11. Survivor: Game Changers, Zeke Smith

    Survivor's Zeke Smith Knew He Couldn't Win After Jeff Varner Cruelly Outed Him

  12. Survivor

    Survivor Moves On After Zeke Smith Shares His Story With New Tribe Mates

  13. Jeff Probst, Jeff Varner, Survivor

    Survivor Contestant Jeff Varner Reacts After Getting Fired From His Job for Outing Zeke Smith

  14. Survivor, Zeke Smith

    Zeke Smith Opens Up About Jeff Varner Outing Him on Survivor: "I Was Really Proud of How I Responded"

  15. Survivor, Jeff Varner, Sarah Lacina, Zeke Smith, Debbie Wanner

    Survivor's Handling of Zeke Smith's Outing Proves It Just Might Be the Most Lowkey Progressive Reality TV Series Around

  16. TV Hosts, Jeff Probst, Chris Harrison, Julie Chen, Phil Keoghan

    Survivor's Jeff Probst Is Part of a Rare, Essential Breed: The Reality TV Hosts Who've Become So Much More

  17. Survivor, Zeke Smith

    Zeke Smith Says Survivor Gave Him "Unprecedented Autonomy" in How His Outing Was Handled

  18. Survivor, Zeke Smith

    Survivor's Most Shocking Moments: Zeke Smith's Outing, Jonny Fairplay's Grandma and More

  19. Jeff Probst, Jeff Varner, Survivor

    Jeff Varner Thinks Survivor's Unedited Tribal Council Would Answer a Lot of Our Questions

  20. Jeff Varner, Zeke Smith, Survivor

    Survivor: Game Changers Star Jeff Varner Apologizes to Zeke Smith: "Outing Someone Is Assault"

  21. Survivor, Zeke Smith

    Survivor Contestant Zeke Smith Reveals He's Transgender After Fellow Contestant Jeff Varner Outs Him On the Show

  22. Survivor Game Changers, Season 34

    We're Just Here to Let You Know That Survivor Is Really Fun This Season

  23. Survivor Game Changers, Season 34

    Survivor: Game Changers: Which Players Didn't Make It Past the Premiere?

  24. Survivor Game Changers, Season 34

    Survivor Reveals Which Fan Favorite "Game Changers" Are Returning for Season 34

  25. Survivor

    Who Won Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X?