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  1. Rosemary's Baby, Penny Dreadful

    Rosemary's Baby and Penny Dreadful: What Did You Think About These Chilling New Shows?

  2. Fargo, Billy Bob Thornton

    FX's Fargo: What Did You Think of Billy Bob Thornton's Dark New Drama? Plus, Behind-the-Scenes Scoop!

  3. Believe

    Believe Debuts on NBC: What Did You Think of Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams' New Drama?

  4. E! Logo

    Resurrection Debuts on ABC: Weigh in on the Series Premiere Now

  5. Almost Human

    Almost Human: Did J.J. Abrams' New Robot Cop Drama Wow Viewers or Disappoint?

  6. Ravenswood

    Ravenswood Series Premiere: What Did You Think of the Pretty Little Liars Spinoff?

  7. Reign

    Reign: Save It or Sink It

  8. The Tomorrow People

    The Tomorrow People: Save It or Sink It

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