Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Mar 25, 1965-

Sarah Jessica Parker didn't start out as the glamorous Sex and the City type.

Long before Parker was sporting designer outfits, the talented actress got her start at just 8 years old, and by age 13 the hard-working performer landed the lead in Annie on Broadway. From there, SJP was cast as the geeky Patty Greene in the TV show Square Pegs, resulting in a slew of dorky sidekick roles. Now an international fashion icon, Parker still has the charm and down-to-earth qualities of a girl from Nelsonville, Ohio.

As she transitioned to movies, Parker scored roles films such as Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun, as well as a career-making performance in Steve Martin's L.A. Story. She found romance as well, as she and Robert Downey Jr. began a seven-year romance on the set of Firstborn before ultimately deciding to go their separate ways.

She met actor Matthew Broderick in 1992 and after five years of dating, the couple invited their friends over for a surprise wedding! In true New Yorker fashion, the blushing bride wore black, which SJP now says she regrets.

And of course, it was her indelible performance as Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's Sex and the City and its film follow-ups that transformed her into a fashion icon and a top-level star.

Today, Sarah Jessica and her husband are parents to three children, son James Wilkie and twin girls Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge.

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