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  1. Revenge

    Revenge's Biggest Death Ever: Why It Happened and What Comes Next

  2. Revenge

    So Who Died on Revenge?

  3. Sons of Anarchy, SOA

    This Sons of Anarchy Star Just Joined Revenge as a Major New Villain

  4. Revenge

    Revenge: The Moment We've All Been Waiting For Is Finally Here And It Was Perfect

  5. Emily VanCamp, Revenge

    The Moment Revenge Fans Have Been Waiting 4 Seasons for Is Finally Here—Watch Now!

  6. Emily VanCamp, Revenge

    Emily VanCamp Teases Revenge's Upcoming Episodes: Will Victoria Die Next?!

  7. Emily VanCamp, Revenge

    The Revenge Reunion We've All Been Waiting for Is Finally Here!

  8. Revenge, Madeleline Stowe

    Revenge: Victoria Could End Up Dead This Season, Says Madeleine Stowe

  9. Emily VanCamp, Twitter

    Emily VanCamp "Absolutely" Wants Kids of Her Own, Shares Hopes to Start a Family—Watch Now!

  10. Revenge

    Revenge, OUAT, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Our Rants and Raves

  11. Revenge, Emily, VanCamp, Nick Wechsler

    Is Revenge Finally Going There With Jack and Emily?! Nick Wechsler Teases "Crazy S--t" Ahead

  12. Revenge, Madeleline Stowe

    Revenge Sneak Peek: Emily and Victoria's First Season 4 Interaction Is Seriously Epic—Watch Now

  13. Revenge, Madeleline Stowe

    Revenge Season 4 Trailer: The Tables Have Turned! Watch Victoria Vow to Get Her Own Revenge on Emily

  14. Elena Satine

    Revenge Casting Scoop: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Star Lands "Unhinged" Season 4 Role

  15. Brian Hallisay

    Revenge Casting Scoop: The Client List Star to Play Hot New Cop in Season 4

  16. Revenge

    Revenge Season 4 Will Be Emily and Victoria's "Fun Race" to Control an Unstable David

  17. Revenge

    Revenge Postmortem: Boss Sounds Off on Finale's Shocking Deaths and the Father of All Twists!

  18. Revenge, Emily VanCamp

    Revenge Finale: Someone Is Stabbed in This Shocking Sneak Peek—Watch and Find Out Who!

  19. Revenge, Emily VanCamp

    Goodbye Emily Thorne?! Revenge's Leading Lady Takes on a New Identity—Watch Now!


    Revenge First Look: Olivier Martinez Is Already Making a Move on One of the Ladies!

  21. Nick Wechsler

    Revenge's Nick Wechsler Spills on Jack and Emily's Romance: "We Find a Way for Their Feelings to Blossom Again"


    The Revenge Confrontation Between Emily and Victoria You've Been Waiting For—Watch the Showdown Now

  23. Joshua Bowman, TCA

    Josh Bowman on Revenge's "Badder" and "Sharper" Daniel

  24. Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy and Revenge to Stick Around "Many Years"—See Which ABC Comedy Sounds Doomed

  25. Olivier Martinez

    Olivier Martinez Heading to Revenge: Find Out Who He's Playing...and Romancing!

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