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  1. Marco Rubio

    Ouch! Marco Rubio Accidentally Hits Kid in the Face With Football—Watch Now

  2. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump Attends Jury Duty After Presidential Candidate's Love for Princess Diana Is Revealed

  3. Donald Trump, Heidi Klum

    Donald Trump Rates Heidi Klum's Looks, Says She's "No Longer a 10"

  4. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump's Most Absurd-Sounding Comments (So Far) About People, Policy and a Certain Presidency

  5. Donald Trump, GOP Debate

    Donald Trump Called for Jury Duty Amid Presidential Campaign: "I Think It’s Fun"

  6. Megyn Kelly

    Megyn Kelly Going on Vacation Following Heated GOP Debate and Donald Trump ''Blood'' Comments: ''It's Been an Interesting Week''

  7. Pink, Willow Sage Hart

    Pink Supports Planned Parenthood Amid Controversy and Addresses Critics—Find Out What She Said!

  8. Jimmy Carter

    Former President Jimmy Carter Diagnosed With Cancer

  9. planned parenthood spoof

    Funny or Die Puts the Planned Parenthood Rumors to Rest Once and For All

  10. Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump

    Jimmy Fallon's "Donald Trump" Clarifies His "Deviant" Comments on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!

  11. Megyn Kelly

    Megyn Kelly Responds to Donald Trump's Comments: "I Certainly Will Not Apologize for Doing Good Journalism"

  12. Donald Trump, GOP Debate

    Donald Trump Still Refuses to Apologize for Megyn Kelly "Blood" Comment, Denies It Was About Menstruation

  13. Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly

    Megyn Kelly Gets No Apology From Donald Trump Over "Blood" Comment: "What I Said Was Totally Appropriate"

  14. Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly

    Donald Trump Clarifies Megyn Kelly "Blood" Comment and Adds, "Only a Deviant Would Think Anything Else"

  15. GOP Debate

    Donald Trump'd GOP Debate Breaks Walking Dead's Ratings Record—Find Out How Many Watched!

  16. Donald Trump, GOP Debate

    The 45 Most Important Observations From the GOP Presidential Debate

  17. Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

    Jon Stewart Gave Up, So Here's a Guide to Navigating the 2016 Presidential Race Without the Former Host of The Daily Show

  18. Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West

    Kim Kardashian Takes a Selfie With Hillary Clinton and Kanye West Photobombs It—See the Pic!

  19. Donald Trump, GOP Debate

    Donald Trump Calls Megyn Kelly and Fox News "Unprofessional" After GOP Debate, Says He Won by a "Landslide"

  20. Megyn Kelly, GOP

    Fox News' Megyn Kelly Was the Real Winner of the First GOP Primary Debate

  21. Rick Perry, GOP Debate

    Rick Perry Flubbed Former President Ronald Reagan's Name, So the Internet Ran With It—See the #RonaldRaven Memes!

  22. Kim Kardashian, Instagram

    Kim Kardashian Hopes to Take a Selfie With ''Our Next President'' Hillary Clinton

  23. Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump

    Rosie O'Donnell Reacts to Donald Trump's GOP Debate Diss!

  24. Donald Trump, GOP Debate

    GOP Debate: Donald Trump Slams Rosie O'Donnell & Hillary Clinton—Plus, Would He Run as an Independent?

  25. Canidates, GOP Debate

    Celebs Are Gleefully Watching the First Republican Primary Debate: See the Best Tweets!

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