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  1. Botched By Nature

    Botched By Nature First Look! Watch as the Doctors Travel Across America to Change Lives

  2. Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston

    Taylor Swift Did Not Get Breast Implants

  3. Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 309

    A ''Designer Vagina,'' One ''Value Menu'' Ordered Nose, Nipples on the Lower Abdomen & More Shocking Botched Moments

  4. Botched, Botched 209

    Nipples on the Lower Abdomen?! Find Out How a Double Mastectomy Left This Botched Patient With ''Very Scary'' Results

  5. Botched, Botched 209

    This Botched Patient ''Ordered'' Her Nose Job ''Off a Menu'' in Mexico: ''It Was Like Going to a Fast Food Restaurant''

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    The Botched Doctors Give Patient a ''New Life'' After Removing ''Golf Ball Size Keloids'' From His Ears on Shocking Episode

  7. Valeria Lukyanova

    Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Answers Plastic Surgery Questions and Talks the Misconceptions of Her Looks

  8. Stephanie March

    Stephanie March's Plastic Surgery Nightmare Happened as Marriage to Bobby Flay Was "Disintegrating"

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    This Patient Tells the Botched Doctors She Wants to ''Look Like a Living Cartoon''—See Their Shocked Reactions!

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    This Patient Has ''Scarred'' Butt Implants and Needs the Botched Doctors to Fix Them ASAP: Watch the Jaw-Dropping Clip!

  11. Botched, Botched 308

    You Won't Believe What Happened to This Patient After Having His Ears Pierced: Watch the Shocking Botched Clip!

  12. Chloe Grace Moretz

    Chloë Grace Moretz Wanted a Boob Job and a Butt Reduction at Age 16

  13. Botched, Botched 307

    Botched Doctors Fix Patient's ''Deflated Whoopee Cushion'' Breasts, Meet the ''World's Most Identical Twins'' & More OMG Moments

  14. Botched, Botched 307

    A Silicone Implant in the Nose?! Find Out How This Patient's Previous Doctors Botched Her Nose in This Shocking Clip

  15. Botched, Botched 307

    ''They Hurt!'' This Patient's Boobs Are So Botched the Doctors Don't Know If They Can ''Fix'' Them: Watch to Find Out What Happened

  16. Taylor Swift Transformation

    7 Celeb-Inspired YouTube Makeup Transformations More Dramatic Than Plastic Surgery

  17. Botched, Botched 307

    Can the Botched Doctors Give the ''World's Most Identical Twins'' the Matching Boobs They Desire? Watch the Jaw-Dropping Clip!

  18. NeNe Leakes, Bravo, Nose Job, Plastic Surgery

    NeNe Leakes Confirms She Got Another Nose Job "and I Will Get It Done Again If I Want"

  19. ESC, Syringe, Botox

    Up Close and Personal With Nurse Jamie, Skin Scientist to the Stars

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    Botched's Celebrity Cases: Look Back at All the Famous Faces Who've Appeared on the Show!

  21. Vampire Facial, History of Skincare

    Kardashians' Krazy Surgeries & Beauty Treatments: See Pics of Kim's Vampire Facial, Kris' Face Lift, Lasers and More!

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    Check Out These Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Plastic Surgery

  23. Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery by the Numbers: Who's Doing It, How Long Does It Take and How Much Will It Cost You

  24. Jennifer Aniston

    Celebs Who Have Spoken Out Against Plastic Surgery

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    The Botched Doctors Fix a Woman's Uniboob, Help a Patient Who ''Almost Died'' After Having Plastic Surgery in Ecuador & More!