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  1. Paul Nassif, Botched

    Dr. Paul Nassif Teases Spinoff Series Botched by Nature and Talks ''Fun'' Bromance With Dr. Terry Dubrow: Watch the Clip

  2. Terry Dubrow, Kim Kardashian

    From Kim Kardashian's Honesty to Botched Dr. Terry Dubrow's Hilarious Reactions—21 Things We're Thankful for This Year

  3. The Real Housewives of Orange County, TRHOOC, Tamra Judge

    Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge Undergoes Cosmetic Procedure With Dr. Paul Nassif's Help

  4. Botched 220

    Botched Season Finale Recap: Dr. Dubrow Tells Stephanie She Has a ''FUPA,'' Penny Is Obsessed With Corsets and More OMG Moments

  5. Botched 220

    Botched Patient Penny Discusses the ''Art'' of Corseting: ''It Might Shift Your Floating Ribs, It Will Move Your Organs''

  6. Dr. Terry Dubrow

    Dr. Dubrow Teaches Stephanie the Word ''FUPA'' After She Describes Problems With Her ''Pubic Area'' on Botched: Watch!

  7. Botched 219

    Dr. Paul Nassif Calls a Patient "Unrealistic," a Human Doll Wants Gigantic Boobs and More: 9 Must-See Botched Moments

  8. Botched 219

    Blondie Wants to Increase Her Breast Implants and 30J Cup Size to Look Even More Like a Human Doll—Watch the Botched Clip

  9. Botched 219

    Botched Patient Kayden Tells Drs. Dubrow and Nassif Her Plastic Surgeon Secretly Doubled the Size of Her Breast Implants

  10. Botched 218

    One Alien Baby, One Nose Bomb & More: See 9 OMG Moments From the Latest Episode of Botched!

  11. Botched 218

    Cassandra Tells Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow She's Spent $200K on Her Jessica Rabbit Appearance: Watch the Botched Clip Now

  12. Botched 218

    Sara Reveals Her Previous Doctor Botched Her Nose While on ''Crystal Meth''—Watch the Shocking Botched Clip Now!

  13. Botched 217

    Dr. Terry Dubrow Performs Surgery on Wife Heather Dubrow, Nipple Tattoos and More: 8 OMG Botched Moments

  14. Botched 217

    Dr. Terry Dubrow Calls Nose Job Patients Tannaz and Golnaz "Type A Psychos"—Watch the Botched Clip!

  15. Botched 217

    Botched Patient Laura Reveals She Has No Nipples After a Bad Boob Job—Watch the Clip!

  16. Botched, Paul, Terry, Episode 216

    One Frankenstein Breast, One Sex Confession and So Much More: 7 OMG Moments From Tonight’s Botched Episode!

  17. Lanique, Botched, Episode 216

    Lanique Wants Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to Fix Her ''Frankenstein Breast'' on Tonight’s Episode of Botched

  18. Terry Dubrow

    Dr. Terry Dubrow Admits to Having Sex ''200 Times'' in Medical School! Watch the Hilarious Botched Clip

  19. Botched 215

    Dr. Terry Dubrow Calls a Patient "Breast Greedy," a Sexy Lingerie Photo Shoot and More: 9 Must-See Botched Moments!

  20. Botched 215

    OMG! Botched Patient Elmira Has a "Beak-Like" Face After Letting Her Dentist Do Her Nose Job—Watch the Clip

  21. Botched 215

    Marla Tells Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif Her Flat, Sunken Chest Is a "Boner-Free Zone"—Watch the Clip!

  22. Botched 214

    Silicone Cheek Implants, Droopy Boobs and More: 11 OMG Botched Moments From Tonight's Episode!

  23. Botched Post Op

    Botched: Post Op Premieres This Tuesday—Get the Scoop and See Behind-the-Scenes Pics!

  24. Botched

    Botched Doctors Tell Luci There's a ''Good Chance'' She Could Lose the Tip of Her Nose—Watch Now!

  25. Kourtney Kardashian, Instagram, Waist Trainer, Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow

    Waist Training Trend: Why Botched's Dr. Paul Nassif Is a Little ''Worried'' About the Fad—Watch!

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