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    ABC Renews Entire TGIT Line-Up, Dancing With the Stars and 11 More Shows: Did Your Favorite Make the Cut?

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    Larry Forever: These Were the Most Shipped Couples of 2015

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    Once Upon a Time Is Bringing Back a Bunch of Your Favorite Characters (And Adding an Important New One)

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    See Mr. Gold Like You've Never Seen Him Before in This Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek

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    Once Upon a Time Finally Paired Up Captain Hook & Robin Hood—and Sean Maguire Couldn't Be More Excited

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    Dark Swan Rises! Once Upon a Time Bosses Weigh in Season 5's Quest to Save Emma, Camelot Mystery and More

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    Once Upon a Time's Season 5 Premiere: A Dark Swan, an Iconic Disney Moment & More Surprises

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    Once Upon a Time to Finally Include an LGBT Relationship in Season 5!

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    Check Out How Animated Disney Characters Look When Brought to Life By TV and Movies!

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    Jamie Chung Is Returning to Once Upon a Time! Is Romance Ahead for Mulan and Aurora?

  17. Jamie Chung

    Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg to Marry on Halloween—Get Details About Their Wedding Weekend!

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    A Once Upon a Time Superfan Recreated Iconic Captain Swan Scenes in an Awesome Way

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    Once Upon a Time Cast Dishes on Dark Emma—Will She Pull Hook or Regina Back to the Dark Side?

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    Once Upon a Time Has Found Its New Disney Princess! Find Out Who's Playing Brave's Merida

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    Once Upon a Time's Season 4 Finale Delivers a Heartbreaking Death and an Iconic Fairy Tale Character

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    Your Once Upon a Time Finale Questions, Answered: Scoop on the Crazy Cliffhanger, Hook and Emma and More

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    It's Official! The Most Beloved TV Actor Is...

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    Josh Dallas Gushes Over Fatherhood, Wants His Baby Boy to "Have a Little Buddy" Soon—Watch Now!