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    Melissa Joan Hart Recalls Past Fling With Ryan Reynolds: "Maybe I Should Have Taken a Chance"

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    Sabrina the Teenage Witch Turns 20: Melissa Joan Hart Looks Back

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    A Teary-Eyed Melissa Joan Hart Is Connected to Her Late Grandparents on Hollywood Medium: Watch the Heartbreaking Clip!

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    Melissa Joan Hart Tears Up When Tyler Henry Connects Her to Her Late Grandma in Emotional Hollywood Medium Season 2 First Look!

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    Melissa Joan Hart Shows Off 40-Pound Weight Loss in Red-Hot Swimsuit

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    Clarissa Explains It All Is Now a Twenty-Something in Crisis: Listen to an Exclusive Clip of the Brand New Audiobook

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    Melissa Joan Hart's Sister Spills on the Real Reason Clarissa Explains It All Was So Relatable

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    How Clarissa Explains It All Started TV's Girl-Power Movement

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    Clarissa Explains It All Turns 25: See How the Show's Fashion Inspires Today's Celebs

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    Clarissa Explains It All's Comeback: Melissa Joan Hart, Mitchell Kriegman on Revisiting the Classic Series

  12. Melissa Joan Hart

    Melissa Joan Hart Shares Her Journey On Giving Back to the Community: "Every Night We Thank God"

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    What Harvey From Sabrina the Teenage Witch Looks Like Today

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    Melissa Joan Hart Shows Off 40-Pound Weight Loss at Sister's "Crazy" Bachelorette Party Weekend in Miami

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    Why Melissa Joan Hart and The Mysteries of Laura Star Debra Messing Are "Two Peas in a Pod"

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    Mother's Day 2015: Celebrity Moms Such as Melissa Joan Hart Share Cute Photos of Their Kids!

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    A Clarissa Explains It All Revival? Melissa Joan Hart Says "Never Say Never"

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    Melissa Joan Hart Reflects on 40-Pound Weight Loss: ''It Just Made Me Happier''—Plus, See Her NutriSystem Commerical!