1. Nina Dobrev, Anna Kendrick, Lea Michele, Emma Stone

    Nina Dobrev, Anna Kendrick, Lea Michele and Emma Stone: Who Played Peek-a-Boo Best?

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    Lea Michele Stuns in Sexy and Sophisticated Armani at American Horror Story Premiere

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    Glee Hottie Dean Geyer's Shirtless Audition With Lea Michele

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    2012 Emmys Night: 10 Things You Gotta Know

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    10 Best Outfits Ever Worn to the Emmys

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    Glee's Lea Michele "On the Road" to Recording Debut Album

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    Glee First Look: Watch Lea Michele's Super-Hot Britney Spears Tribute Right Now!

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    Glee's Lea Michele Is New L'Oréal Paris Makeup Spokeswoman

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    Lea Michele Wears Mermaid Dress to Nylon Party—Does It Sink or Swim?

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    Lea Michele All Smiles After Tattoo Removal

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    Emmys Countdown: Lea Michele's Top 10 Red Carpet Looks

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    Lea Michele Dons Black Funeral-Like Fashions for the Glee Premiere

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    Glee First Look: Lea Michele's Sexy "Britney 2.0" Photos

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    Why Is Cory Monteith Gone From Glee? Lea Michele Dishes on Finn’s “Surprising” Fate

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    Glee First Look: Rachel's (Naked) Love Interest and Brittany's New Rival

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    Amy Adams Survives Strangulation After Wearing Sexy Skintight Red Dress to Letterman

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    Lea Michele Having "Best Birthday Ever," Fields Wishes From a "Confused" Dianna Agron

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    Glee First Look: Lea Michele Meets Kate Hudson...and It Ain't Pretty

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    Lea Michele Tweets Glam Photos From Glee Set—Is That a Wedding Gown?!

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