1. Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Draft Day

    Draft Day Review Roundup: Critics (Mostly) Cheer for Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner's Football Flick

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    9 Ways to Kill Time During 3 Days to Kill

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    3 Days to Kill Review Roundup: Critics Not So Hot for the Kevin Costner and Amber Heard Thriller

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    Shadow Recruit: A Primer on the Jack Ryan Reboot Starring Chris Pine

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    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review Roundup: What Do Critics Think of the Thriller-Drama?

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    Kevin Costner Takes Action in 3 Days to Kill Trailer—Watch Now!

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    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Postponed to January 2014

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    Jack Ryan Trailer Released: See Chris Pine and Keira Knightley in Action

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    Man of Steel: 7 Ways the Big Summer Movie Is Super

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    Five Biggest Jaw-Droppers at the 2012 Emmy Awards

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    Kevin Costner Sues Over Missing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Profits

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    New Man of Steel Teaser Trailer: Not One, but Two Versions—Check 'Em Out!

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    Trees a Crowd? Kevin Costner Sued for Obstructing Neighbor's Coastline Views

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    Stephen Baldwin "Disappointed" Losing Court Battle to Kevin Costner

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    Kevin Costner vs. Stephen Baldwin Courtroom Judgment: "The Bigger Celebrity Won"

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    Stephen Baldwin: My Celebrity Helped Promote Kevin Costner's Oil-Cleanup Machines

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    Feud! Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin to Face Off in Court

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    Kevin Costner Reveals He Almost Didn't Speak at Whitney Houston's Funeral

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