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    Jimmy Kimmel Gets His First Colonoscopy With a Little Help From Katie Couric

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    Katie Couric Says She Faced "Gross" Sexism at Work

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    Inside Ann Curry and Matt Lauer's Complicated History

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    Katie Couric to Return to NBC to Co-Host 2018 Winter Olympics Ceremony

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    A History of Katie Couric and Matt Lauer's Friendship on Today and Beyond

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    Katie Couric Breaks Her Silence on Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations

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    Katie Couric Once Said Matt Lauer "Pinches Me on the Ass a Lot"

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    Katie Couric Selling Lavish NYC Apartment for $8.25 Million

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    Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth Spar on Social Media Over Whether Wonder Woman or Thor Would Win in a Fight

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    Katie Couric Is Returning to Today for a Week in 2017

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    Katie Couric Reacts to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan's Behind the Scenes Drama at Live!

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    April Fools' Day Pranks by Celebrities That Were Simply the Best