Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Age: 21; March 01, 1994

Justin Bieber may have hit stardom before he hit puberty, but the "Baby" singer has long been able to make women from Selena Gomez to soccer moms swoon.

By the time Justin turned 18, Bieber Fever had become a global epidemic, and the world's most famous "Boyfriend" had amassed more than 24 million Twitter followers and 45 million Facebook fans.

The Canadian crooner's beginnings were famously homespun:

Posting videos of himself covering popular songs on YouTube, Bieber attracted the attention of Usher who ultimately became his mentor. Island Records signed Bieber and quickly released his first album, My World, in 2008. A frenzied female following helped My World go platinum within weeks.

Bieber's fans, or Beliebers, are as much a force as the star himself. When Kim Kardashian jokingly tweeted that she had "Bieber fever," she received death threats from Justin's fans.

But no one inspires more vitriol in the Bieberverse than Justin's on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. After months of tabloid speculation that they were an item, Justin and Selena confirmed their relationship in 2011. They are often photographed together and not afraid of a little PDA, which makes Gomez the frequent recipient of Belieber hate mail and death threats.

Giving his followers plenty of fodder, Bieber has taken to Twitter to discuss everything from his latest albums to the allegations in 2011 that he fathered a fan's child. (The woman dropped the claim after Justin Bieber submitted to a paternity test.)

Not every one of the "Never Say Never" singer's tweets go over well. When Justin used the popular social networking site to reveal that he had cut his signature locks in 2011, he lost 80,000 followers instantly. This probably suits Beliebers just fine–80,000 competitors for Bieber's affections down, only 30 million more to go.

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