1. John Mayer

    John Mayer Regrets TMI Comments He Made About Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston

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    Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Simpson—New Mom Trendsetters or Totally Not?

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    President Obama's Knowledge of The Avengers, Kim Kardashian and Fifty Shades of Grey Put to the Test

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    Mogul Mommy Alert! Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Maternity Line, Makes a Mint on First Baby Pics

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    Jessica Simpson Tweets About Baby Maxwell: Motherhood Is the Best Thing Ever!

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    Week in Review: Jessica Simpson's Baby, Kim & Kanye Marriage Rumors Already, RIP Adam "MCA" Yauch

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    New Ted Says Video! We Want a Royal Baby!

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    Can Jessica Simpson's New Baby Make Her a Ton of Cash?

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    Jessica Simpson Burning Baby Questions: Price on the First Pics? How About That Fancy Birthing Suite?

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    Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Girl!

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    Oh, Baby! Is Jessica Simpson About to Give Birth?

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    Snooki "Never Dissed Jessica Simpson" or Her "Hot Ass Bump"

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    Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower Video Is Almost as Good as Being Invited, Almost

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    Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower: Check Out the Video!

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    False Alarm: Jessica Simpson Tweets She's Still Preggers Y'All

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    Morning Mail! Where's the Love for Matt Bomer? (Right Here!)

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