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  1. Rose Gold iPhone

    Apple's Rose Gold iPhone Is Selling So Well With Guys It's Now Been Nicknamed "Bros' Gold"—Get It?!

  2. Pooch Selfie, Kickstarter

    You Can Now Buy a Tool That Makes Sure You Never Take Terrible Pet Selfies Again

  3. Pope Francis, Barack Obama

    How the Pope's U.S. Visit Might Ruin the iPhone 6S Arrival

  4. Tim Cook

    This Is Almost Definitely How the Audience Really Reacted at the Big Apple Event

  5. New Emojis

    Ranking the 12 Best New Emoji's Coming Soon (Hint: Tacos Are Shockingly Not No. 1)

  6. New Apple Products

    Voice-Activated Apple TV, Changing the Selfie Game and All the Other Important Updates From the Big Apple Event

  7. Apple Pencil

    Apple Just Unveiled a $99 Pencil and No One Knows If It's a Prank or Not

  8. iPhone User

    This Guy Pranked His Parents With a Simple iPhone Hack and the Results Are Glorious

  9. Siri iPhone

    Sassy Siri Is Back! This Is What Happens When You Ask Her About the New iPhone

  10. iPhone 6

    The New iPhone 6S Is Going to Change Selfies Forever

  11. Emojis

    Finally! The Important Emojis We've Been Begging for Might Be on Our Phones Soon

  12. embargoed till 4pm PST 7/8, Caitlyn Jenner, I Am Cait,

    Siri Will Correct You If You Call Caitlyn Jenner By Her Old Name

  13. Rihanna, Drake, iPhone Siri

    If You Ask Siri to Play Sounds of Loud Farts, You Get a Rihanna and Drake Song

  14. Siri iPhone

    Siri Has Never Been Bitchier Than When You Ask Her to Solve This Simple Math Problem

  15. Taco Emoji

    This Is Not a Drill: The Taco Emoji Is Finally Here!

  16. Drake

    Drake Helped Apple Announced Its Own Music Streaming Service, Much to the Delight of Twitter

  17. Women's World Cup

    2015 Women’s World Cup: 18 Smack Talking Texts to Send to Anyone Rooting Against the U.S. Team

  18. Emoji, iOS 8.3

    38 New Emojis Are Coming Next Year—and 1 Particular Emoji Might Change the Texting Game Forever

  19. Emoji, iOS 8.3

    Recent Emoji Study Found That Americans Use These 15 Emojis More Than Any Other Country

  20. middle finger emoji

    15 Ways to Tell People Off Over Text Without a Middle Finger Emoji

  21. Apple Watch

    Apple Used Some Pretty Sexy Language to Announce the Arrival of the Apple Watch

  22. Katy Perry, Diplo, Gwen Stefani

    Stars Reveal Their Favorite Emojis: Guess Who Loves the Eggplant as "Code for Stuff"?

  23. New Emojis

    Apple Has Reportedly Developed More Racially Diverse Emojis, but We're Still Missing Important Food Emojis

  24. Teenage Girl Texting

    Can You Decipher These Sexting Codes CNN Insists Teenagers Use All the Time?

  25. Taco Emoji

    37 New Emojis Being Considered for Release, Including a Truly Important One: a Taco

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