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    Mom Creates App That Forces Children to Respond to Their Parents' Calls and Texts

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    8 Reasons We're Thankful Cell Phones Didn’t Exist When We Were in High School

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    The 10 Kinds of People You Should Actively Avoid on Snapchat

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    250 New Emojis Are Coming In July (but Only One Is Truly Useful)

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    The Strangest and Most Shocking Sex, Love and Celeb Confessions From the Secret-Sharing Whisper App

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    iPhone vs. Android: What Does Your Phone Say About Your Sex Life?

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    Texting Will Not Make You a Bad Writer (So U dOn'T HaVe NEthing 2 Worre Abt ;-D !!)

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    New iPhone Game Lets Kids Perform Plastic Surgery on Barbie Character, and It's Exactly as Horrifying as You Imagine

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    QuizUp: 9 Reasons the Newest App Addiction Infuriates Us (but We Don't Care)

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    Meet Siri: Susan Bennett Reveals Herself as the Mysterious Voice Behind the iPhone

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    iPhone 5S Is Out Now! Here Are 9 Productive Things to Do While You Wait in Line at the Apple Store

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    Microsoft Windows Spokeswoman Jessica Alba Caught With an iPhone at New York Fashion Week

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    Fingerprint Scanner Rumored for New iPhone (But We Wish You'd Fix These 5 Things First, Apple)

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    Beyoncé, Diane Kruger and More Celebs Who Rock Chic iPhone Cases

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    Live From E!: Megan Fox Joins Twitter, Quentin Tarantino's Interview About Gun Control and an iPhone Contract—with Mom!

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    Chris Brown Won't Face Charges for Cell Phone-Jacking

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