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    RIP Heroes Reborn: Was the Finale Everything You Hoped It Would Be?

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    Heroes Reborn Just Happened: Thoughts From A Brand New Heroes Viewer

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    From Henry Cavill's Superman to the Cast of Heroes Reborn, Check Out the Hottest Celeb Superheroes and Villains!

  4. Heroes Reborn, Jack Coleman

    Is Heroes Reborn Worth Your Time? Two Super Fans of the Original Series Weigh In!

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    Heroes Reborn Spoiler Alert: Find Out Which Original (and Fan-Favorite) Character Is Dead

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    Prince William, the Hero! Duke of Cambridge Helps Rescue Shooting Victim

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    ESPN Releases "The Body Issue: Super Heroes Edition" Starring Marvel Comics' Ant-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and More!

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    OK, Now We're Excited for Heroes Reborn—Watch This New Trailer

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    Ryan Guzman Gains 21 Pounds in Three Months and Shows Off His Six-Pack Abs in a Sexy Selfie—See the Pics!

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    Heroes Reborn Casting Scoop: Who's In and Who's Definitely Out for the Event Series?

  11. Sesame Street: The Aveggies Age of Bon Bon Avengers Parody

    Sesame Street Takes on Avengers With ''Aveggies'' Parody: Watch Now!