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    When Grey's Anatomy Docs Fall for Their Patients: A Tragic History

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    Ellen Pompeo Says Grey's Anatomy Is Thriving Without Patrick Dempsey: ''It's Amazing How Much You Get Done Without a Penis''

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    Callie and Arizona's Custody Battle Is Just Beginning on Grey's Anatomy and It's Already Getting Ugly

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    Katherine Heigl Says Criticizing Knocked Up Was "Dumb" and Talks Emmys Controversy and Reputation

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    Callie and Arizona Are About to Go to War on Grey's Anatomy

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    Grey's Anatomy Recap: Is This the Beginning of the End for Bailey and Ben?

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    Grey's Anatomy's Jason George Wants You to Be Very Worried for Ben and Miranda

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    Grey's Anatomy Finally Reveals What Really Happened Between Owen and Nathan (Yes, We Hate Him)

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    TGIT Recap: Meredith's Date Freak Out Explained on Grey's Anatomy

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    Why Is Meredith Kicking Her Naked Date Out of the Bedroom in This Grey's Anatomy Preview?

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    TGIT Recap: Meredith Goes on a Grey's Anatomy Date & Olivia Goes on a Dangerous New Scandal Mission

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    TGIT Recap: Scandal's Presidential Race Is Starting to Imitate Real Life

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    Get Ready, Grey's Anatomy Is About to Reveal What Really Happened Between Owen and Nathan

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    TGIT Recap: The Truth About Annalise's Baby, Wes's Dad & More Revealed on HTGAWM

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    Wilmer Valderrama Is Joining Grey's Anatomy in a Top Secret Role

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    TGIT Recap: How to Get Away with Murder Finally Explains Wes' Mother's Death

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    ABC Renews Entire TGIT Line-Up, Dancing With the Stars and 11 More Shows: Did Your Favorite Make the Cut?

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    How Long Will Grey's Anatomy's April Keep Her Huge Bombshell Secret From Jackson?

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    TGIT Round-Up: Heartbreak on Grey's Anatomy, Sex on Scandal and One Big Murderous Question on HTGAWM

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    Richonne Isn't Alone—13 Other TV Couples Who Went From Friends to Lovers

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    Dear Grey's Anatomy, It's Time to Put Meredith and Alex Together

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    WTF Was Pregnant Annalise Up to on How to Get Away with Murder and More TGIT Twists & Turns

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    Has Grey's Anatomy Found Its New MerDer?

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    From Broad City to Golden Girls: The 20 Best Female Friendships on TV

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    Ellen Pompeo Defends Grey's Anatomy's Latest Attack on Meredith