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  1. Ricky Gervais, Emmy Awards 2015, Show

    Ricky Gervais Goes Ahead and Awards Himself an Emmy, Complete With Tearful Acceptance Speech

  2. Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler

    Twitter Wants Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler to Host the Oscars!

  3. Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

    Happy 41st Birthday, Jimmy Fallon: Watch 5 of Our All-Time Favorite Moments

  4. Jessica Simpson, Colleen Lopez, HSN

    Home Shopping Huh?!: Jessica Simpson's Tough Sell and 7 More Wacky Memorable Moments on HSN and QVC

  5. Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper

    Kelly Ripa Jokes Anderson Cooper is Her "Baby Daddy," Shares Dubsmash Video of Her Kids—Watch Now!

  6. Lil Dicky

    Lil Dicky Makes ''Most Epic'' Celeb-Filled Rap Video for No Money: Watch Now!

  7. Anna Wintour

    New York Fashion Week Is Killing It: 26 People Who Pronounced Themselves Dead From Ecstatic Style Overload

  8. Furious 7

    Furious 7 Finally Gets a Hilarious Honest Trailer: Watch Now!

  9. Not a Princess

    This Adorable Little Girl Wants Her Dad to Know She's Definitely Not a Princess

  10. Nickelblock

    This Nickelback App Will Help You Get Over Your Terrible Ex

  11. Father, Daughter, Youtube

    This Adorable Baby Can't Stop Scaring Daddy as He Tries to Cut Her Nails—Watch the Hilarious Clip!

  12. Married Couple, Wedding, Horse

    Guess Who Said It: The New York Times Vows Section or the Twitter Parody Account

  13. Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Just Took It to a Whole New Level: See Why Their Bromance Is the Absolute Best!

  14. New Emojis

    Ranking the 12 Best New Emoji's Coming Soon (Hint: Tacos Are Shockingly Not No. 1)

  15. Tom Hardy, Legend Poster

    Tom Hardy's New Movie Poster Turned a 2-Star Review Into a 4-Star Review

  16. Drunk History Wedding Parody

    This Couple's Wedding Video is a Hilarious Drunk History Parody: Watch Now!

  17. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Likes to Fry Bacon Naked—and He's Apparently Quite Well-Endowed!

  18. Kourtney Kardashian

    Why Having Resting Bitch Face Could Actually Be a Good Thing

  19. K Pop Dance Video Fail

    This K-Pop Singer Who Keeps Falling Down Will Teach You to Never Give Up

  20. Stephen Colbert

    Happy Late Show With Stephen Colbert Day! 12 Times Stephen Colbert Was a Perfect Human Being

  21. Jack Pratt, Anna Faris

    Chris Pratt Applauds Anna Faris' Unusual Potty Training Method—See the Adorable Pic of Their Son Jack!

  22. Jeb Bush

    This Woman Sleeping During Jeb Bush's Speech Is All of Us

  23. Harry Styles, Grammar

    Harry Styles Stops a Show to Correct a Fan's Grammar: Watch Now!

  24. Hipster Barbie Instagram

    Hipster Barbie Hilariously Mocks Being "Authentic" on Instagram

  25. Ice Cube, Compton

    Ice Cube Confirms Straight Outta Compton Sequel With N.W.A.—But It's Not Necessarily What You Think

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