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  1. Ice Cube, Compton

    Ice Cube Confirms Straight Outta Compton Sequel With N.W.A.—But It's Not Necessarily What You Think

  2. North West

    This Just in: It's Actually Good to Have a Super Weird Name, According to Science

  3. Channing Tatum, Jump Street

    Going Out Your Freshman Year of College vs. Your Senior Year of College

  4. Frozen Fever

    This Frozen Fever Honest Trailer May Ruin Disney for You

  5. Kanye West, 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, VMA

    Kanye West's VMAs Speech Actually Makes a Great Seinfeld Intro

  6. Vine, Nicholas Fraser

    This "Why You Lying" Vine Is the Internet’s New Favorite Thing

  7. Job Applicant, Naked Selfies

    Man Sends Naked Selfies to HR Manager at New Job

  8. Christina Applegate, Meryl Streep

    Christina Applegate Plays Meryl Streep in Hilarious Lifetime Biopic Spoof—Watch Now!

  9. Justin Bieber, 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, VMA

    These Are All the Things That Justin Bieber's New Singles Sound Like

  10. Drake, Instagram

    Drake Tries to Be Athletic, Breaks a Lamp: Watch Now!

  11. iPhone User

    This Guy Pranked His Parents With a Simple iPhone Hack and the Results Are Glorious

  12. Kanye West

    This Is What the World Would Be Like if Kanye West Really Were the President

  13. Usain Bolt

    Usain Bolt Gets Plowed Over By Cameraman on a Segway After Winning His Race—Watch Now!

  14. New Words

    Fat-Shame, Awesomesauce Added to Oxford Dictionaries

  15. Amy Schumer, Talib Kweli

    Amy Schumer Raps ''Get Em High'' With Talib Kweli: Watch Now!

  16. Mad Max

    Mad Max: Fury Road's Honest Trailer Reminds Us It's Charlize Theron's Movie

  17. Tumbling Bear

    Grizzly Bear Rolls Down a Hill and Has the Time of Its Life—Watch the Adorable Video!

  18. Zayn Malik

    18 One Direction Fans Mourning 5 Months Without Zayn Malik

  19. Plane Break Up

    Woman Live-Tweets Couple's Awkward Plane Breakup

  20. Uber Music Videos, The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

    Uber Driver Makes Epic Music Video to The Weeknd: Watch Now!

  21. Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey

    Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey Impersonate Each Other, and It's Hilarious!

  22. Patrick Stewart, Blunt Talk

    The Best Nonsensical Answers From Sir Patrick Stewart's Brilliant Reddit AMA

  23. Labor Dance

    Pregnant Woman in Labor Performs Amazing Dance to "Tootsee Roll" to Get Her Water to Break—Watch Now!

  24. A Day On The Lake With The Family, Slow Down

    ''Slow Down!'' Guy Edits Hilarious Video of Family Lake Vacation: Watch Now!

  25. Disneyland

    What If the Other Disney Theme Park Rides Became Movies?

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