1. Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar Selfie

    Happy 10th Birthday Twitter! Here Are the Most Iconic Tweets of the Past Decade

  2. Taco Bell, 54th Birthday Gifts

    Happy 54th Birthday Taco Bell! Here's How You Can Score Free T-Bell Swag to Celebrate

  3. Bumble Election Filters

    Clinton 2016? Kanye 2020? Dating App Bumble Now Has Political Filters

  4. Friends Apartment

    Watching This Viral Friends Blooper Reel Is the Best Way to Kick Off Your Weekend

  5. McDonald's Egg McMuffin, hash browns

    Ordering This McDonald's Side Is the Ultimate Fast Food Hack

  6. Disappearing Woman

    This Woman Disappears on Live TV, and the Internet Can't Handle It

  7. '90s Forgotten Girl Crush

    '90s Girl Crushes You Totally Forgot About

  8. Gwen Stefani

    Blake Shelton Isn't the Only Man That Gwen Stefani Has Written About: Let's Look Back at Her Most Emotional Song Lyrics

  9. Tinder

    You'll Never Guess What the Biggest Deal Breaker Is When It Comes to Tinder

  10. Girls Instagram Debate

    The Internet Can't Figure Out How Many Girls Are in This Photo

  11. Facebook logo

    Here's How to Find Out Who's Ignored Your Facebook Friend Requests If You Want to Torture Yourself

  12. Chipotle Guacamole

    Here's What Chipotle Did to Prove Their Food Won't Accidentally Kill You

  13. Papa John's Pizza

    Here's How to Score Free Pizza Right Now

  14. Instagram on phone

    Instagram's New Change Will Majorly Switch Up Your Feed

  15. Carmen Electra, Carson Daly, MTV Spring Break

    Ranking the Seven Wildest Things That Ever Happened on MTV Spring Break

  16. Universal Studios Orlando, Chocolate Factory

    A Wonka-Inspired Chocolate Factory Restaurant Is Opening at Universal Studios Orlando

  17. McDonald's Egg McMuffin, hash browns

    McDonald's Employees Reveal Why You Should Maybe Think Twice Before Ordering Breakfast in the Afternoon

  18. Starbucks, Cherry Blossom Frappuccino

    Starbucks' New Frappuccino Is Spring in a Cup

  19. Dairy Queen ice cream

    This Is Where You Can Get Free Ice Cream Today

  20. Instagram on iPhone

    Instagram's Possible New Update Will Fix Its Most Annoying Feature

  21. Tinder, New Messaging Features

    A Tinder Outage Accidentally Deleted Users' Matches and People Are PANICKING

  22. Pie

    Who Needs Math: Celebrate Pi Day With These Delicious Pies Instead

  23. Daylight Saving Time, Clock

    Weird Facts About Daylight Saving Time

  24. Justin Bieber

    What Is Justin Bieber Thinking in This Photo?

  25. Chrissy Teigen, Instagram

    Foodies, Rejoice! Taking Instagram Pics of Food Can Make It Taste Better

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