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  1. Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Adrian Franklin, Brooke Franklin

    Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Marry Each Other in the Same Church 17 Years Later

  2. Mila, Little Girl Sad About Adam Levine

    Little Girl Loses It When She Finds Out Adam Levine Is Married: Watch Now!

  3. Mars, Water, Nasa

    Twitter Has a Lot of Advice for Matt Damon About How to Survive on Mars

  4. Cassidy, Miracle Kitten, Wheelchair

    Miracle Kitten Missing Back Legs Uses Tiny Wheelchair for First Time—Watch the Adorable Video!

  5. Bear Eating Kayak

    Nothing Is Funnier Than This Woman Yelling at a Bear to Stop Eating Her Kayak

  6. Shonda Rhimes Book Cover

    What We Want to Learn From Shonda Rhimes' New Book, Year of Yes

  7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Walk

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Movie The Walk Is Literally Making People Throw Up

  8. MLB sorority selfies

    MLB Announcers Cannot Get Over These Sorority Girls Taking Selfies During a Baseball Game

  9. Arby's Meat Mountain

    10 Times I Wished I Wasn't a Vegetarian

  10. October, Pumpkin, Jack-o-Lantern

    It's Finally October So Now Everyone Can Officially Start Living!

  11. FKA Twigs, Coachella

    Coachella Organizers Reportedly Scouting Locations to Bring the Festival to New York

  12. The Martian, Matt Damon

    15 Times The Martian Made Science Nerds Look Totally Bad-Ass

  13. Sarah Harris, Studio 10

    Pregnant TV Host Has the Best Response for Body-Shaming Haters: Watch Now!

  14. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

    The Definitive Ranking of (Basically) Every Pumpkin Spice-Flavored Snack

  15. Batman vs. Superman

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Got a PG-13 Rating for the Weirdest Reason

  16. Pizza Hut

    This Is How Many Calories You Save By Blotting Your Pizza

  17. Peeple App, Facebook

    Someone Is Creating an App That's Basically Yelp for Humans Which Sounds Like a Terrible Idea

  18. Facebook Privacy settings

    This Facebook Update Will Make You Never Want to Put Down Your Phone

  19. Judge Judy, 26 second case

    Watch This Guy Lose on Judge Judy in Less Than 30 Seconds

  20. iPhone User

    A New App Was Just Invented to Allow Instagram Users to Stalk in Peace

  21. Twitter

    Twitter Might Get Rid of Its 140 Character Limit, So Soon You Can Tweet That Long Love Letter to Justin Bieber

  22. Homecoming Propsal

    Two High-Schoolers Just Made the Craziest Homecoming Proposal Video of All Time

  23. Kim Davis, Pope Francis

    The Pope Met With Kim Davis and Twitter Has Revoked His "Cool Pope" Card

  24. Guilty Pants-Eating Dogs

    Guilty Pants-Eating Dogs Won't Fess Up: Watch Now!

  25. Netflix, Phone

    Netflix Engineers Actually Made a "Netflix and Chill" Button

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