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  1. Taco Bell, Original Store

    Holy Gordita! Taco Bell Just Saved Its Very First Store From Demolition

  2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Cast

    The 25 Best Dance Moves From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and When to Bust Them Out

  3. Facebook Breakup Tool

    Facebook Now Has a Tool That Helps You Move On After a Breakup

  4. Justino, Spanish Lottery

    This Heartwarming Spanish Lottery Ad Looks Like a New Pixar Movie

  5. Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince

    All the Times Jazz Was Literally Thrown Out of the Fresh Prince House

  6. Princess Rap Battle, Whitney Avalon

    Katniss Fights Hermione in Princess Rap Battle

  7. The Night Before

    13 Ways to Make an Actually Good Christmas Movie

  8. Times Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Got Real

    10 Times The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Got Real

  9. Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain

    Guy Fieri or Anthony Bourdain: Can You Tell Who Said What?

  10. Blossom Cast, Very Special Episodes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Blossom's "Very Special" Episodes

  11. Destiny Metropolitan Worship church

    Church Goes Viral for Gospel Remixes of Drake and Future

  12. Zoolander 2

    Our Predictions for the Biggest Pop Culture Sensations From Zoolander 2

  13. Charlize Theron, The Huntsman: Winter's War

    18 Times The Huntsman: Winter's War Trailer Made You Yell Out "Slay Us, Ladies!"

  14. Calvin and Hobbes

    7 Reasons Calvin and Hobbes Have the Best Friendship

  15. Blossom, Cast

    These Photos Definitively Prove That Blossom Was the '90s-est Show of All Time

  16. McDonald's Resturant, Golden Arches

    McDonald's Ditches Dollar Menu for McPick 2 Menu

  17. Harrison Ford, Star Wars

    Honest Trailers Covers the Original Star Wars

  18. Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse

    12 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Facts That Will Make You Believe in Love Forever

  19. Hershey Kiss

    Healthy and Delicious: Hershey's Will Switch to Chocolate With Simple Ingredients

  20. Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice

    Gremlins, Beetlejuice and More: Artist Is Sharing Sketches From 365 Films Watched in 365 Days

  21. Rachel McAdams, Mean Girls

    In Honor of Rachel McAdams' Birthday, Here Are 10 Regina George Quotes to Live By (or Not!)

  22. Hugh Jackman, People Sexiest Man Alive

    Remember When These Guys Were Voted People's Sexiest Man Alive?

  23. Twitter

    Twitter May Have Accidentally Revealed a New Feature That Could Replace Those Hearts

  24. Adele

    18 Emotional Adele Lyrics to Prepare You for 25

  25. McDonald's Resturant, Golden Arches

    McDonald's Serves Fried Churros in South Korea, and We're Jealous

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