1. McDonald's Restaurant

    This Bro Got Arrested For Something We've All Done at Fast Food Restaurants

  2. Taco Bell

    How Fans Convinced Taco Bell to Bring Back This Favorite After Five Burrito-Free Years

  3. Trust Fall, Twitter

    Five Trust Fall Challenge Videos That Prove This Internet Trend Is a Terrible Idea

  4. Snapchat Bob Marley Filter

    Here's Why People Are Not Pleased With Snapchat's Bob Marley Filter

  5. Pizza Kiss Cam

    Yep, We Finally Found the Sexiest, Most Romantic Kiss Cam Moment Ever

  6. Funny Cat

    People Keep Naming Their Cats After This Singer and We Can't Figure Out Why

  7. Museum Face Swap

    Face Swapping With Museum Statues Is Now a Real and Terrifying Thing

  8. Seal Enya

    This Vine of a Seal Beautifully Floating Away to Enya Is the Key to Happiness

  9. Gwen Stefani, Eve

    Gwen Stefani & Eve's ''Let Me Blow Ya Mind'' Is So Perfectly 2001

  10. Johnny Depp Doppelganger

    Johnny Depp Mysteriously Looks Exactly Like This Great Grandfather

  11. Game of Thrones

    In Not Fair News: These Employees Can Take Time Off to Watch Game of Thrones

  12. Spotify's top '90s songs

    These Are The Top 10 '90s Songs We Are Still Obsessed With

  13. Android Emoji

    Android Takes a Cue From iPhone: Emojis Will Be Updated From Alien Blobs to Actual People

  14. Llama Watch 2015

    For a Brief Shining Moment the Internet Thought 2 Llamas Were on the Loose Again

  15. Michael Buble, Michael Bublé

    Michael Buble Doesn't Know How to Eat Corn on the Cob, So the Internet Had to Photoshop Him

  16. McDonald's Premium McWrap

    McDonald's Is Taking This Item Off Their Menu For Good

  17. Tax Day, April 18th, 2016

    All the Free Stuff You Can Get on Tax Day 2016

  18. McDonalds fries

    McDonald's of the Future Is Near and It Includes All-You-Can-Eat Fries

  19. Boompi

    Boompi Is the Dating App That Lets Your Friends Spy on Your Private Convos With Potential Dates

  20. Pepsi 1893

    Pepsi Has a New Soda Just for Hipsters

  21. Dairy Queen Core Blizzards

    Your Favorite Ice Cream Brands Are Ripping Off Each Other's Menu Items and Selling Them as Their Own

  22. Loch Ness Monster

    The Loch Ness Monster Has (Sorta, Kinda) Finally Been Found

  23. Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella Items

    Every Coachella Trend You Need to Try as Told by One Photo of Vanessa Hudgens

  24. Snapchat Video Emoji

    Snapchat's New Emoji Video Feature Is Way Too Fun

  25. Elderly, Social Media, Technology, Selfie

    Study Uncovers What Your Parents Are Up to on Facebook

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