1. Carly Rose Sonenclar, X Factor

    X Factor Double Elimination Shocker: One Judge Eats Crow

    Thu., Nov. 15, 2012 6:19 PM PST
  2. Carly Rose Sonenclar, X Factor

    X Factor Backstage Scoop: Talking Taylor Swift, Anxiety and Carly Rose's Unusual Rehearsal Space!

    Thu., Nov. 15, 2012 5:25 AM PST
  3. Tate Stevens, Diamond White, Paige Thomas, X Factor

    X Factor Recap: Britney Disses Team Simon, L.A. Declares a Winner, Demi Ends on a Low Note

    Wed., Nov. 14, 2012 7:30 PM PST
  4. Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Breakup: Demi Lovato, Wizards of Waverly Place Stars Support Newly Single Starlet

    Mon., Nov. 12, 2012 6:39 AM PST
  5. Celeb Gadgets Trends

    High-Tech Celebs: Cool Gadgets Loved by Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and More

    Fri., Nov. 09, 2012 1:58 PM PST
  6. X Factor, Khloe Kardashian, Mario Lopez

    X Factor Backstage Scoop: Who's One Direction Voting For? And Why Will Mario Be Drinking Less?

    Fri., Nov. 09, 2012 8:59 AM PST
  7. X Factor, Khloe Kardashian, Mario Lopez

    X Factor Elimination: 12 Left After Judges Deadlock

    Thu., Nov. 08, 2012 6:24 PM PST
  8. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks

    Adam Lambert Hosting VH1 Divas; Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks Performing

    Thu., Nov. 08, 2012 7:26 AM PST
  9. L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell,  THE X FACTOR Judges

    X Factor Backstage Scoop: Diamond White Dishes on Britney, Lyric Da Queen Explains Eye Patches

    Thu., Nov. 08, 2012 7:00 AM PST
  10. Paige Thomas, THE X FACTOR

    X Factor Recap: A Favorite Returns! Plus, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell Throw Down

    Wed., Nov. 07, 2012 8:03 PM PST
  11. Khloe Kardashian, X-Factor

    X Factor Backstage Scoop: Khloé’s Nip Slip, Britney Spears’ "Odd Sense of Humor" and...Mono?!

    Fri., Nov. 02, 2012 7:15 AM PDT
  12. DAvid Correy, The X Factor

    The X Factor's Top 16 Have Fashionable Fun in New Photo Shoot!

    Tue., Oct. 30, 2012 4:59 PM PDT
  13. Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato's National Anthem During Game 4 of World Series Gets Panned Online

    Sun., Oct. 28, 2012 6:46 PM PDT
  14. Zooey Deschanel

    Zooey Deschanel Reprises World Series National Anthem Gig

    Sun., Oct. 28, 2012 10:07 AM PDT
  15.  THE X FACTOR, Simon Cowell, LYLAS

    Rest of The X Factor Top 16 Revealed, Finally

    Tue., Oct. 23, 2012 7:36 PM PDT
  16. Lea Michele

    Lea Michele Tweets Excitement About Starting Work on Her Debut Solo Album

    Tue., Oct. 23, 2012 9:27 AM PDT
  17. L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell,  THE X FACTOR Judges

    The X Factor Renewed for Third Season

    Mon., Oct. 22, 2012 11:50 AM PDT
  18. Demi Lovato

    The X Factor Recap Shocker: Britney, L.A. Pick Their Teams—but Rain Delays Demi and Simon!

    Wed., Oct. 17, 2012 8:31 PM PDT

    X Factor Top 24 Revealed: Who Made It to the Judges' Houses?

    Wed., Oct. 10, 2012 7:15 PM PDT
  20. One Direction, Seventeen Magazine

    One Direction: Bigger Than the Beatles, but Still Obsessing Over Demi Lovato

    Wed., Oct. 10, 2012 11:39 AM PDT
  21. Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato

    X Factor Sneak Peek: Britney Spears, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato Team Up to Make Cuts

    Tue., Oct. 09, 2012 2:37 PM PDT
  22. Demi Lovato, Teen Vogue

    Demi Lovato Talks One Direction Niall Horan Dating Rumors: "He's Not My Boyfriend"

    Tue., Oct. 09, 2012 10:30 AM PDT
  23. Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato Pumps Her Own Gas and Channels Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson

    Mon., Oct. 08, 2012 12:02 PM PDT
  24. Demi Lovato, Jennifer Livingston

    Jennifer Livingston: "I'm Not a Bullying Expert"; Plus, Demi Lovato Sounds Off & Accused Bully Reacts

    Fri., Oct. 05, 2012 4:59 PM PDT
  25. L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell,  THE X FACTOR Judges

    X Factor Boot Camp Night Two: Singers Duel for Spots in Top 24

    Thu., Oct. 04, 2012 6:47 PM PDT