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    Look Back on Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd's Last Public Appearance Together

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    Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84: Former Co-Stars Debra Messing, Albert Brooks and More React to Her Passing

  3. Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84; Singin' in the Rain Star Passes 1 Day After Death of Daughter Carrie Fisher

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    The Latest Details on Carrie Fisher's Death: Everything We Know So Far About the Actress' Passing

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    How Carrie Fisher Really Felt About Death

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    Christy Turlington Reflects on the "Very Powerful" Lessons She Learned From George Michael

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    Carrie Fisher Shines in Cut Scene From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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    George Michael's Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz Shares Old Photo: ''I Will Never Stop Missing You''

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    Carrie Fisher's Ex Paul Simon Pays Tribute to Her After Her Death: Inside Their Turbulent Relationship

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    Tina Fey Remembers Carrie Fisher's "Honest Writing" and "Razor-Sharp Wit"

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    John Boyega on Carrie Fisher's Death: "My Heart Is Heavy"

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    In Honor of Carrie Fisher's Star Wars Legacy, Watch Her Audition for Princess Leia

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    Carrie Fisher Dead at 60: Inside the Star Wars Star's Final Days

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    Carrie Fisher's Daughter Billie Lourd Gets Support From Taylor Lautner and Scream Queens Co-Stars After Mother's Death

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    Mark Hamill Calls Carrie Fisher "One-of-a-Kind" in Emotional Tribute

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    Carrie Fisher Didn't Love That Famous Star Wars Gold Bikini as Much as You Did

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    Carrie Fisher's Sister Joely on Actress' ''Unfathomable'' Death: "How Dare You Take Her Away From Us?"

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    George Michael's Random Acts of Kindness Come to Light in the Wake of His Death

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    Carrie Fisher Had Just One Wish for Her Obituary and It's Related to Star Wars (Of Course)

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    Daisy Ridley "Devastated" Over Carrie Fisher's Death

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    J.J. Abrams on Carrie Fisher's Death: "What an Unfair Thing to Lose Her"

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    How Carrie Fisher Became a Huge Advocate for Mental Health

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    Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia Was One of the Few Truly Iconic Characters--Yet Her Greatest Role Was Herself

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    Garry Shandling's Cause of Death Revealed

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    Harrison Ford and George Lucas Comment on Carrie Fisher's Death and Remember Her "Fearless" Spirit