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  1. Rachel Dolezal

    Rachel Dorezal's Parents ''Saddened'' By Her ''Dishonesty'' Amid Race Controversy: ''She Wants to Reject Us and Her Identity''

  2. Stephen A. Smith

    ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Thinks Women's World Cup Players "Might Not Want to Mess Their Hair Up"

  3. Rachel Dolezal

    NAACP Defends Rachel Dolezal Amid Race Controversy: We Stand By Her ''Advocacy Record''

  4. Rachel Dolezal

    Rachel Dolezal, Head of Spokane NAACP, Accused of Lying About Her Race

  5. Mark Kirk, Lindsey Graham

    Sen. Mark Kirk Regrets Calling Lindsey Graham a ''Bro With No Ho''

  6.  Miss Zimbabwe, Emily Kachote

    Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote Dethroned After Nude Photo Scandal

  7. Tess Holliday

    Tess Holliday Apologizes for "Black Men Love Me" Comment, Says Her Words Were Taken Out of Context

  8. Amazon Review, Cat Crop Top

    This Cat Wore a Crop Top to Protest Unrealistic Body Expectations...Kind Of

  9. Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie

    Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Calls Her Nickname "Degrading and Insulting," Thinks Haters "Envy" Her Looks

  10. The Lion King, Simba, Mufasa

    Good Morning America Tweeted a GIF of the Most Depressing Disney Moment Ever and Ruined Everyone's Week

  11.  Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar

    Jessa and Jill Duggar Speak Out as Molestation Victims and Defend Their Brother: Josh Got ''a Little Too Curious About Girls''

  12. Sarah Palin, Lena Dunham, Josh Duggar

    Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin Slam Lena Dunham, Defend Duggars in Lengthy Facebook Post

  13. Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar, Montel Williams

    Montel Williams Slams Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar for "Hypocritical" Fox News Interview: "I Pray for Them"

  14. Caitlyn Jenner, Connor Cruise

    Connor Cruise Clarifies His Caitlyn Jenner Twitter Rant

  15. Caitlyn Jenner, Connor Cruise

    Connor Cruise Goes on Bizarre Rant About Caitlyn Jenner, Thinks Overfishing Is Way ''More Important''

  16. Saint Laurent, Ad

    Saint Laurent Ads Banned for Using Underweight Model With Visible Rib Cage—Get the Scoop!

  17. Iggy Azalea, Grammy Awards

    Iggy Azalea Backlash Continues: LGBT Groups Dropping Out of Pittsburgh Pride Over Rapper's Performance

  18. Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar

    Megyn Kelly Teases Her Interview With Josh Duggar's Parents, Promises to Be "Tough But Fair"

  19. Drake Bell, Billboard Music Awards

    Drake Bell Deletes His Transphobic Tweet About Caitlyn Jenner, but Not Before Getting People Fired Up

  20. John Oliver

    John Oliver Believes the FIFA Investigation Will Make the World Love America—Watch Now!

  21. Heidi Klum, Carl's Jr.

    Carl's Jr. CEO Stirs Up Beef: Claims Not All Models (Including Kim Kardashian) Know How to Eat Burgers

  22. Prince Shembo

    Atlanta Falcons' Prince Shembo Charged With Killing His Girlfriend's Little Dog, Waived by Team

  23. Tyra Banks, Linda Evangelista

    Did Linda Evangelista Just Throw Shade at Tyra Banks?! See Her Catty Comments

  24. J.Crew, NYFW, New York Fashion Week

    Is There a J.Crew Backlash Happening Right Now? Find Out Why the Brand Is Losing Fans!

  25. Alex Morgan, FIFA '16

    FIFA 16 Will Feature Women Soccer Stars for the First Time and That's Making Simple-Minded Men Angry

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