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  1. ESC: Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez Can't Stop Wearing This Semi-Affordable Brand

  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake's First 5 Minutes Now

  3. Christina Milian, Lip Sync Battle

    Christina Milian Proves She Can Move Just Like Jennifer Lopez in Steamy Lip Sync Battle Sneak Peek

  4. Christina Milian

    Christina Milian Cast in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Find Out Who She's Playing!

  5. CMTU, 209

    Christina Milian Ends Relationship With Alleged Cheating Boyfriend on the CMTU Season Two Finale: ''We're Done''

  6. CMTU, 209

    The Milians Help Dom Propose to on CMTU Lizzy: ‘'He's Ready''—Watch the Heartwarming Clip!

  7. CMTU, 209

    Christina Milian Argues With Her Creative Team on CMTU: Watch Their Explosive Fight!

  8. CMTU, 208

    Lizzy Milian's Pregnancy Results Are Revealed & More OMG CMTU Moments!

  9. CMTU, 208

    Is Lizzy Milian Pregnant With Her Boyfriend Dom's Baby? Watch the CMTU Clip to See Her Take a Pregnancy Test!

  10. CMTU, 208

    Christina Milian Reveals She's Stopped Working With Ceraadi, Records ''Popular'' Song: Watch the CMTU Clip!

  11. CMTU, 207

    Christina Milian Reveals She's ''Back Together'' With Her Boyfriend & More OMG Moments From CMTU

  12. CMTU, 207

    Christina Milian Admits She Wants to Be Engaged on CMTU: ''Sure Would Be Nice If My Man Would Put a Ring On It''

  13. CMTU, 207

    Dom Is Furious With Richard After Their Fight on CMTU: ''If That Was in France I'd F--k Him Up''

  14. CMTU, 206

    Christina Milian Shares Domestic Violence Story on CMTU: ''He Literally Put a Bullet in the Gun and He Pointed it at My Face''

  15. Christina Milian, Like Me Music Video

    Watch Christina Milian Flaunt Ample Cleavage as a Sexy Boss Lady in World Premiere of ''Like Me'' Music Video With Snoop Dogg

  16. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Reveals She's a ''Huge Fan'' of This E! Star! ''I Watch Your Show All the Time''

  17. CMTU, 206

    Dom Asks Lizzy's Dad Permission to Marry His Daughter: Watch the CMTU Clip to See His Response!

  18. CMTU, 206

    Christina Milian & Snoop Dogg Film ''Like Me'' Music Video: Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Clip!

  19. Christina Milian, LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar

    Christina Milian Flaunts Her Flawless Bikini Body and Dances to ''Dip It Low'' for LOVE Magazine's Advent Calendar

  20. CMTU 205

    Christina Milian Reveals Her Favorite Sex Position, Lizzy Milian Threatens to Punch Richard and More CMTU Must-See Moments

  21. CMTU 205

    Christina Milian Invites Girl Group Ceraadi to Make a Cameo in Her Rose Bowl Performance—Watch the CMTU Clip!

  22. CMTU, 204

    Christina Milian Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Her Relationship, Says Lil Wayne ''Lied'' to Her & More OMG CMTU Moments!

  23. Lizzy Milian, Dom, Christina Milian Turned Up

    Lizzy Confronts Danielle After She Meets With Her Boyfriend Dom Behind Her Back: Watch the CMTU Clip!

  24. CMTU, 203

    Christina Milian Says ''It's No One's Business'' What's Going With Her Relationship: 7 OMG Moments From the Latest CMTU Episode

  25. CMTU, 203

    Christina Milian Admits She ''Wishes'' She Was Engaged After Splitting With Ex: Watch the Christina Milian Turned Up Clip!