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    Chris Evans Doesn't Think He's "Hot"—and for Good Reason

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    Chris Evans, Millie Bobby Brown, Snoop Dogg and More Stars Shower Bullied Student Keaton Jones With Support

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    Here's Exactly What It's Like to Date Jenny Slate—According to Jenny Slate

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    Minka Kelly Makes a Strong Case for Never Talking About the Men She's Dated—But Oh, the Stories She Could Tell

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    Chris Evans May Be the Best Ex-Boyfriend Ever

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    Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He "Wants to Be a Daddy at Some Point"

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    7 Ways Celebs Have Coped After Breakups (That May Inspire You)

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    Jenny Slate Gets Candid About Dating Chris Evans: "I Didn't Think I Was His Type"

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    Chris Evans Bowled Over by the Patriots' Super Bowl LI Win